A £5 Primark Double Wear dupe that actually works

When searching for a budget friendly foundation that actually works the Double Coverage Matte Foundation by Primark was one that kept popping up time and again. A lot of people have compared the formula and packaging (and even the name) to Estee Lauder’s Double Wear foundation, I’ve never tried Double Wear but others who have say this is pretty much identical. Double Wear is £34 so you’re saving a huge £29 with this Primark foundation. Does it really work though? Can a £5 foundation really be a holy grail product?

Primark Double Coverage Matte Foundation review

I’m no beauty blogger but you do know I’m big on money saving and a budget friendly lifestyle and I couldn’t keep this foundation to myself. When a great budget item is found it must be shared! It’s praised for its excellent coverage, long-lasting wear and all round greatness for a price tag of just £5. Even though I never use high-end foundations this has to be the cheapest foundation I’ve ever bought as I usually go for Rimmel or Bourjois foundations. For such a low price tag though I really had nothing to lose by giving this a try.

I was a little worried about using a full coverage foundation as I never have before, I don’t really have any skin complaints aside from a patch of redness on my left cheek that I get a bit self conscious about and the odd hormonal breakout. I had read though that a lighter coverage was possible with this foundation if you used less. I picked up the lightest shade, Porcelain, which for most of the year will be fine for me but with a little colour to my face in summer it may be too light but for £5 it won’t hurt me to buy the next shade down.

I am honestly blown away by how good this is, it’s easily the best foundation I’ve ever used. I apply a light layer and it perfectly covers up my red patch leaving me with a smooth and even base. It doesn’t oxidise throughout the day and it works wonders on my combination skin. It doesn’t cling to dry patches but is long wearing on oilier parts of my face. It makes my skin feel really soft and I honestly can’t fault it. For £5 i can see why so many people are praising this, it’s super long lasting so I can understand why people would be comparing this to high-end foundations.

I’d prefer a pump for ease but the frosted glass bottle is a nice simple design. If you can find a shade to match I’d really urge anyone to give this a go because it’s bloody amazing! I honestly can’t believe I’ve found my perfect foundation for £5 in Primark! I have a Primark mascara review out too so definitely check that out.

I’ll definitely be trying more makeup from Primark. Have you tried this foundation? Are there any Primark makeup products you’ve tried and loved? Let me know in the comments.

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