A £3 Primark mascara that actually works

Today I’m doing a full review for the False Lash Queen mascara which costs £3 from Primark. This has been compared to the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, I’ve never tried it so can’t comment but I do know this is £16 cheaper. So how could can a £3 mascara really be?

False Lash Queen Primark mascara review

Previous to buying this I was using two Benefit mascaras, They’re Real and Bad Gal Lash, neither of which I was blown away by. When doing some research for good budget mascara I noticed Primark mascaras were getting good reviews so I figured for £3 I didn’t really have anything to lose. False Lash Queen pomises dramatic volume, length and fullness. Basically false lashes in a tube. I was skeptical, after all if two £20 mascaras failed me what chance did a £3 mascara have?

I have quite pale, straight lashes that tend to point down, I struggle with mascaras holding a curl and lifting my lashes but as soon as I applied this I knew my search for the perfect mascara was over. It gives me super full, long, curled lashes in just one coat and the curl holds which is even better and the big thing I normally struggle with. The mascara holds in place and doesn’t smudge or flake throughout the day. I will say the brush holds quite a lot of product so I wouldn’t apply it to your lashes straight out of the tube. I wipe the excess product off the brush onto the side of the tube and I find it applies much nicer. If there’s too much product it goes on clumpy and makes my lashes feel heavy. As long as the excess is wiped of this really is the perfect mascara for me! I’d give this a solid 10/10!

I can’t believe that a £3 mascara is not only the best mascara I’ve ever used but that it out performs Benefit mascaras by a mile! I’m so happy to have finally found a brilliant mascara. I also reviewed a Primark foundation last week that knocked my socks off so I highly recommend giving that a read too.

Have you tried this mascara? Are there any Primark makeup products that you love? Let me know in the comments.

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