5 unusual items for crafting | AD

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Unique crafting materials lead to unique creations that you can be proud of. In fact, having a few unconventional items stowed away in your crafts cupboard can actually spark a new level of creativity. The possibilities are truly endless, but here’s a list of five to get you started.

1. Sea shells and corals are great for sticking to things as part of your project. For example, you could collect lots of shells next time you go to the seaside and then glue them all to a vase or flowerpot as a cute little decoration. However, sea shells are also great if you want to create an imprint or pattern on something, adding a texture that will take your project to the next level. 

2. Coloured tape is great because it’s so versatile and can be used in such a huge range of projects. You can use it to make wall decals and spruce up your interior design, or you can use it to make seasonal decorations. Whatever project you have in mind, tape is sure be a good investment. 

3. Cookie cutters aren’t just useful for, well, cutting cookies. They also come in handy during a variety of crafting situations, especially if you want to print a certain pattern. 

4. Believe it or not, many crafters find having a hair dryer to hand is always great because it means you don’t have to wait as long for paint and glue to dry. 

5. Most glue guns have a cord, but it’s worth investing in one that’s cordless. The wire won’t get in the way and you can use it on the go if you wanted to. It takes no time at all to dry and works well on a huge assortment of materials. 

There are loads of different types of crafters out there and a wonderful variety when it comes to materials. What would you add to the list?

Where you need to shop for a cheap blog theme

Blog themes can get expensive and I'm a firm believer that you don't need to spend a lot of money to make your blog look good, I really don't think it's an area you need to pump a lot of money into. In fact I honestly wouldn't spend more than £10 on a theme now. So today I'm going to share where I think is the best place to purchase cheap blog themes from.

how to get a cheap theme for your blog

3 tips to help you save money on electricity | AD

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There are plenty of ways that you can save money on your utility bills if you put your mind to it. Although it might require some initial investment, it will be worth it in the long run. Here are three things you can do to help reduce your electricity bills.

Time to Rescue Your Non-Refundable Travel Reservations | AD

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