Paul McCartney Live at the Echo Arena 2018

On 12th December, Josh and I were lucky enough to travel to Liverpool and see Paul McCartney playing live at the Echo Arena. It was our second McCartney gig of the year after the once in a lifetime gig at The Cavern back in July. Home town shows are always the best so we were super excited to be going to this one!

There's an entirely different reason why this was the best concert I've ever been to that has nothing to do with the actual music, Josh and I actually had backstage passes and whilst we were backstage Josh dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him! We won't really be talking about that in this post though as there's going to be an entire separate post on the engagement coming soon.
So back to the gig itself and it was amazing! Hometown shows always have the best atmosphere which is why we love them so much and this one was no exception. The set was around 3 hours long which is absolutely amazing and was a great mix of old and new music. We had fantastic seats quite near the front which just added to the amazing experience.
We filmed a pretty great vlog of the concert (with a post of post engagement footage too) which better portrays how great the concert was way better than I could ever do in a blog post so if you'd like to watch the video you can do so below.

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