Paul McCartney Live At The Cavern

Paul McCartney live at The Cavern 2018
Last week I got the best early birthday present ever when Josh surprised me with a trip to see Paul McCartney playing live at The Cavern, any McCartney/The Beatles fan will know just how huge that is but for people who don't know, The Cavern is the club in Liverpool where The Beatles started out. The band played there whilst they were starting out and continued to do so until the hysteria around them became too much to continue playing at such a small venue. It's an underground club located on Mathew Street in Liverpool. Paul McCartney last played there in 1999. So now we've covered that I hope it goes someway to explaining why this was a once in a lifetime experience, it's an event that probably won't happen again. The gig was kept a secret right up until a few hours before at actually happened and only a very limited number of tickets were available but luckily we'd heard about the possibility of a small Liverpool gig, we just didn't know the location would be such an amazing and iconic one! 

We weren't allowed to take photo's or film the gig which we completely respected but it's honestly an experience that we'll never forget and we feel extremely lucky and grateful that we were given the opportunity to see one of our favourite musicians play so close up. We managed to bag ourselves at spot right in front of the stage which added to the excitement, however we were very deaf after! The gig itself was just over two hours long with a great mix of The Beatles, Wings and new songs (all of which I really liked so I can't wait for the release of the new album now). I really had to pinch myself to check that I really had just seen Paul McCartney live at the Cavern. The absolute surreal moment had to be when he played 'In Spite of  All the Danger' which was the first record The Beatles recorded in a studio. 
As we collected our tickets from the Hard Days Night Hotel I managed to bag myself a 10 year anniversary of the hotel bear too. The whole hotel is Beatles themed and just from the small amount of it we saw, we fell in love. In fact a stay there has now worked its way onto my bucket list. It's no secret how much we love Liverpool and all the Beatles experiences so staying there has become a must for us! 
It was absolutely the best day of my life and such an amazing birthday present. Days after the gig, I'm still on a high from the thrill of it all. 

Even though we couldn't film the gig, we did do a full vlog of our day which goes into more detail about the day, the gig and some of the songs.

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