10 Inexpensive Date Ideas for Autumn/Winter

OK so all the ideas aren't dates as such it's more of  10 inexpensive things to do in autumn and winter as a couple but that title was kinda long!

  • Enjoy an indoor picnic - I've spoken before of my love of indoor picnics here. I personally find something really enjoyable about getting together loads of nibbles and setting it out like a picnic indoors. Light a few candles, put on a film and crack open a drink and you're sorted.
  • Go for a walk - I love walks at any time of the year but there's something a bit more special about wrapping up in warm layers and walking amongst the crunchy leaves in the winter sunshine.
  • Enjoy a themed movie night - I wrote this one mainly with Halloween in mind. Last year Josh and I planned a movie night on Halloween with a couple of scary films, some spooky snacks and a few candles and Halloween lanterns. This would also work well with Christmas films. 
  • Go and explore - How well do you know the village/town/city that's right next to the one you live in? If the answer is not very well go out an explore it! Villages make the perfect backdrop for the walk a mentioned earlier and cities often have loads of free things to do.
  • Grab a coffee - or whatever other hot drink you like! Weekly Starbucks and Costa's can get expensive but try just reserving them for a treat. Go out on a lazy Sunday afternoon and grab a hot drink and just take the time to catch up with each other. Plus we all know that the best drinks come out in winter. Gingerbread latte anyone?!
  • Do a pub quiz - preferably in the cosiest  pub you can find. You know the ones with a few exposed beams here and there, low ceilings and maybe even a fire crackling in the corner. Pub quizzes tend to only be a couple of pounds (if that) to enter and you don't have to go mad with the drinking either especially if you're watching the pennies.
  • Attend a market - Christmas markets spring up here there and everywhere through out November and December. Granted some are a lot better than others so do a little research first especially before you pay out for petrol and parking or bus and train fares to get to a market. 
  • Cook together - winter calls for big hearty casseroles, stews and pies so why not try making a warming winter meal together from scratch. If you can of course tolerate each others presence in the kitchen that is!
  • Seasonal activities - These next for months are packed with events, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year. There's lots of stuff you can do together that doesn't have to cost a lot of money from carving pumpkins, reliving your childhood and enjoying sparklers out in the garden, putting up Christmas decorations and baking Christmas goodies. 
  • Stay in - Of course not all days have to be spent actually doing something. Some of the best days turn out to be those you spend wrapped in a blanket, drinking mugs of hot chocolate, watching episode after episode of your favourite shows and just catching up. Sometimes it's just too cold and miserable to want do anything else. 

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