What we got for Christmas 2019

I'll start with the usual disclaimer for this kind of post, I know they're not everyone's cup of tea but I personally love these posts so basically if you don't like these posts don't read them! I'm so nosy that these kinds of posts are right up my street and presented in the correct way I don't see it as bragging or showing off but a nice way to share with other nosy folk what interesting gifts you received! Josh and I are of course extremely grateful for the gifts we received. Now that's out of the way, lets get on with the fun stuff!

As is usually the case we ended up with a fair few Disney presents between us, not that we're complaining at all. I've split the presents into smaller shots just so you can see better what there is and I can talk about what we got from everyone!

Presents from Josh (to me)

If you read last years post then you'll know that Josh created me a Haunted Mansion themed gift box, it's our absolute favourite Disney attraction and we love collecting anything to do with it. This year as I began to unwrap presents there were a lot of 'decoy gifts' basically bits of cardboard he'd wrapped up to hide the fact that nearly everything he'd got me was in one themed gift box. Yep The Haunted Mansion gift box part 2 happened! Before that I did open a few non Haunted Mansion presents and I received a Stitch Funko Pop, the Figment Food and Wine Disney Park exclusive Funko Pop and the One Day at Disney book. In my Haunted Mansion box was a gargoyle decoration, two mystery pin boxes, a book and the biggest surprise of all the Hitchhiking Ghosts chrome Target exclusive Funko Pops. I'm so happy that I got another Haunted Mansion box!

Presents from me (to Josh)

As you can see I got Josh a lot of Disney themed presents. I managed to find two Disney World magazines from 1989 which is the year he was born I also got him the Galaxy's Edge comic, a Bob Iger book, two Star Wars Celebration pins, a Haunted Mansion pin, a Star Wars coin, a Star Wars Black Series figure and a Chewbacca Funko Pop. His main present from me was the lyrics to the Grim Grinning Ghosts song from The Haunted Mansion, I managed to find a signed copy of them! Non Disney gifts were some beer, a thermal mug because his drinks always go cold when he's working and some wooden sunglasses.

As we got each other quite a few Haunted Mansion presents I've included a photos of them on their own so you can see them a bit better. The Madame Leota Funko Pop was a gift from my dad and stepmum.

Presents from family

It was impossible to include a photo of everything we got from family but I've tried to include a fair representation from everyone and I'll talk a bit about what we got from everyone too.

My mum and her partner got us a few little bits each, gave us some money and then got us what we call a party in a bag. They did it last year too and we love it so much, basically it's lots of snacks and some alcohol for us to enjoy over the festive season.

My dad and stepmum got me a few bits I'd asked for including the beautiful illustrated Harry Potter book, they also surprised me with the Madame Leota Disney Parks exclusive Funko Pop, they got a cinema voucher for Josh then they paid for our theatre tickets to see the Lion King with them next year.

Josh's mum and partner got Josh some bits and pieces then a new coat, shoes and jeans as he desperately needed some. They got me lots of bridal bits including a last Christmas as a miss t-shirt, bride-to-be socks and bride pants!

Josh's dad got Josh an external hard drive as that's what he'd asked for as we really need somewhere to store vlogging stuff. He got me lots of lovely bits from the Lush Christmas range.

Josh's brother and patner got him a Star Wars model book, a PS4 Star Wars game and then got us both the Game of Thrones Monopoly.

Our lovely friends got us a hot chocolate maker and loads of hot chocolate selection boxes from Hotel Chocolat.

I hope you enjoyed having a look at what we got for Christmas, once again we're super grateful for everything we got from each other and our families. If you've wrote a post like this, leave a link to it in the comments so I can read it!

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