What we got for Christmas 2018

I'll start with the usual disclaimer for this kind of post, I know they're not everyone's cup of tea and there's been a fair few people moaning about this kind of thing this Christmas but I personally love these posts so basically no one is making you read this, if you don't like these posts don't read them! I'm so nosy that these kinds of posts are right up my street and presented in the correct way I don't see it as bragging or showing off but a nice way to share with other nosy folk what interesting gifts you received! Josh and I are of course extremely grateful for the gifts we received. I've split some of the presents up into smaller photo's so you can see the things in them in better detail as well as including the items in larger group shots.

Presents from Josh (to me)
Of course my main present this year was my engagement ring which was a complete surprise when Josh proposed a couple of weeks ago. But aside from that I was super lucky to receive some other lovely bits from him. As I'm sure you know by now we're huge Disney fans and big Funko Pop collectors so I was very happy to get the Phil and Vulptex Pops, the cover for the Crimes of Grindelwald screenplay is just beautiful, Up is one of my favourite films so Josh got me a cute Grape Soda badge, the big surprise came in the form of a box labelled 'Merry Christmas Foolish Mortal' which instantly got me excited as it's a reference to our favourite ride, The Haunted Mansion! Inside the box was Volume 1 and 2 of the Haunted Mansion stories, a book combining all the Disney Kingdoms Haunted Mansion comics and lastly the Disney Parks exclusive Ezra Funko Pop. I was so surprised because I can't believe he managed to get the Funko Pop! I absolutely love that Josh made me a Haunted Mansion themed present box!
I've including the third volume of the books in this photo because even though Josh didn't get me it, I did get it for Christmas. All the Haunted Mansion stuff looks amazing on our themed shelf.

Presents from me (to Josh)
Josh's main present from me was a custom handmade Florida themed plaque, I had 7 made in total (but you get the idea of them from the 3 in the photo) and they're all of special moments from our Florida holiday this year, Josh has wanted something to hang upstairs for a while now so he's going to put this up. I also got him plenty to drink and plenty of Star Wars themed things including two Star Wars celebration exclusive pins.

Presents from family
This photo includes presents from family that were just for me or just for Josh and ones to us both. I won't bore you by listing everything as you can see for yourself what we got. We now have enough gin to last us a lifetime and I'm fully stocked up on Lush items again which is great.
I got duplicates of all of the Lush items here apart from the Santa bath bomb, Snow Fairy spray and disco ball bath bomb. I'm completely happy with getting two of my favourite things as they'll last longer now!

I hope you all enjoyed having a look at what we got for Christmas. If you've wrote a 'what I got for Christmas' post, let me know in the comments!

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