Why you need to start batch cooking

What if I told you there was a really easy way to eat well, save time and cut back of the cost of your food shop all in one step? That's where batch cooking comes in. Preparing meals in bulk and in advance saves time throughout the week and can reduce the amount of money you spend on food. If you're not already batch cooking here's why you really need to start.

How to save money by batch cooking

What is batch cooking?

Think of batch cooking as a homemade ready meal but so much healthier and tastier. By preparing meals in bulk and in advance you can make sure you're sorted for the week and do very minimal cooking after you've had a busy day at work. I usually batch cook at the weekends when I have more time on my hands and to make things even easier I batch cook a lot of my recipes in my slow cooker too which means I can just throw everything in, leave it to do its thing for 6-8 hours then serve it up and freeze once cooled. Batch cooking means you're still getting a hearty, healthy meal but without all the effort as it's just a case of defrosting and heating the food up during the week.

Why is batch cooking good?

Well aside from the fact the it saves you loads of time and means you're still getting a good a meal where you know exactly what's gone into it, batch cooking can also save you money. It cuts down on food waste especially for couples who are cooking family sized meals and it means that by having food to hand that's quick and easy to prepare, you're less likely to end up buying extra things from the shop or ordering a takeaway! It's conveniant, healthy and will reduce your food bills. Invest in some reusable takeaway tubs rather than the single use foil ones and you're all set to go! 

If you're into meal planning, batch cooking can really help with that too, by preparing all your food on a weekend you can see what you have available and plan out a full weeks meals based on what you're preparing in advance, again this will save you money as you'll know what you're eating and when which will cut down on those days where you can't think of anything to eat so end up walking around the supermarket adding stuff to your basket.

What can I batch cook?

There's loads of stuff you can batch cook just as long as it freezes well you can batch cook it. Curries and chillies always work well then it's just a case of reheating those and cooking something like rice or a jacket potato to go with it. If you're wanting to save even more money then check out my 7 cheap and filling meals post as lots of the options on there can be batch cooked and they freeze really well. Stews, hearty soups and pasta sauces are also fantastic options when it comes to batch cooking.

Do you batch cook? What are your favourite dishes to prepare in bulk? Let me know in the comments.

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