The best TV shows for when you're not feeling well

When I'm wrapped up on my sofa feeling very sorry for myself because I'm poorly I always switch on my TV, go straight to Netflix flick through trying to find something that will make me feel better. The last time I was ill I started thinking I should create a list of TV shows for when you're not feeling well so here are my recommendations.

TV shows for when you don't feel well

Whether it's feeling poorly with a bug or whether you're not having a great time with your mental health, we all need some chill out time every now and again. For me the perfect self care TV means not having to think about what's happening and just easily rolling from one episode to the next without having to analyse what's just happened. This is what I've built my list on. From TV shows that warm your heart, to shows that make you laugh and those that feel like an old comforting blanket, I've tried to create a varied list so hopefully you can find something that will help you to feel a little bit better!

RuPaul's Drag Race

Of course this was going to make it onto the list seen as it was to TV show that sparked this idea as it's pretty much my go to these days when I'm ill. For me the show has just the right balance of humour, fun and cattiness. It requires zero thinking to watch and just genuinely makes me feel a little bit happier. With a new season about to start and Drag Race coming to the UK this autumn, now is the perfect time to sashay your way into the world of drag queens!

Queer Eye

This is such a pure, feel good show that it instantly makes you feel so much better. It's so heart warming and it helps that Antoni is so easy on the eye that you can't help but feel perkier when he's on screen. This is one of those shows that will just instantly help you feel a little better, it's so pure. I often have a little cry and that's completely OK, we all need a little release every now and then. I really try and limit the amount of episodes I watch in one go so I can savour them!

American Horror Story

I know this won't be for everyone as it's not exactly feel good TV but I find it very easy and simple to watch and I actually originally got into the show a few years back when I decided to try it out when I wasn't feeling well. It's the kind of show that's so crap you can't help but like it and there's nothing that groundbreaking about it which means there's no thinking required whilst watching. I'm probably not doing a good job of selling it here, but I think it's a case of it's so bad it's good with this show and I bloody love it!

Impractical Jokers

I just love the Impractical Jokers and often find myself in tears of laughter whilst watching them. It's the perfect comedy show for me and it never fails to cheer me up. This is one where I don't mind re-watching old episodes as well because I always find them funny. I always find this one helps with the Sunday night blues as well. 


All the episodes are so familiar now that sticking on this show is the equivalent of wrapping up in a warm comforting blanket. You know exactly what you're getting, you can relive your favourite moments and just relax. This is another show that I totally don't mind re-watching over and over again. It's so familiar that I can just flick through and select my favourite episodes for a quick fix or be in it for the long haul and start a season from the beginning.

Brooklyn 99

This is such an easy and funny watch. Zero thinking required here, you can just stick it on and laugh along. We often find ourselves sticking this on Sunday night when the back to work blues are kicking in as well. We actually only discovered this show earlier in the year and we caught up in record time!

If you have any self care TV recommendations then please leave a comment below so we can build a list together!

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