How to tackle the Sunday night blues

It's probably fair to say that as the weekend comes to the end and you're faced with the prospect of setting your alarm (again) ready for that early morning wake up call to get ready for work on Monday, that you get hit by a serious case of the Sunday night blues. It happens to the best of us, you've just had a relaxing weekend without the troubles and stresses of work but it was all over in a flash and now Monday morning is looming before you once again. So how exactly can you tackle the Sunday night blues rather than mourning the weekend? Well actually there's quite a few things you can do! I've found all of these help to ease the blues just a little (warning: I don't think there's actually a cure, just remedies to dull the pain!)

Tips for tackling the Sunday night blues

Forget about work

Yes I know, easier said than done, but you're not at work ergo you can't fix any problems or issues related to work so why bother worrying about it. Time off work is your time, it's no place for worrying about things that can't be fixed at that moment in time. Try and end your working week by wrapping up as many issues as you can, that way there's less on your mind over the weekend. If you are a worrier try writing down the problems or a bit of an action plan that way your thoughts are a bit more structured.  

Have fun

Make sure you have something fun planned to fill your Sunday. Maybe explore somewhere new, have a movie day, read a book, go to an event, have a picnic, bake. Whatever you like to do, do it. The biggest thing that will make you feel bad on a Sunday is feeling like you've wasted a day before you have a week of work ahead of you, so make sure you have something in mind to fill your time.

Prepare in advance

Anything that needs to be ready for Monday morning, make sure you've sorted it in advance. Make sure your outfit is picked out and your lunch is made which will free up your mind and time the next morning. The key is having a less to focus on, get everything work related done as soon as possible then you're spending less time thinking about it.


If there was ever a need for routine it's on a Sunday evening, make sure you have a good routine in place that will help you relax. Have a nice bath, cook something good for tea and chill out with your favourite TV series or book. Personally I like to watch something light-hearted and funny on a Sunday evening as it cheers me up and lifts my spirits.

Get a good nights sleep

We find it very hard to relax and sleep on a Sunday evening but there are definitely things you can do to help. Lush's Sleepy is a life saver, a little bit of this where you'll be able to smell it in bed (arms, chest, wrists) makes you feel so much calmer. Also I hate to point out the obvious, but ditch the screens in bed, I always find reading makes me much more relaxed and tired and therefore more likely to fall asleep quicker. It might seem like an odd one but when I'm really having trouble sleeping (which is quite often) I find trying to block everything out and just focus on my breathing really helps to relax me, I don't always fall straight to sleep using this technique but it does really help to chill me out.

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