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Sometimes, self-care is just one of those things that gets pushed to the back of your list of priorities. After all, most of us are just too busy to take any time out for ourselves, and when the weekend comes around, we want to make the most of it. Why sit in all day and relax, then, if we could just go out and enjoy ourselves? However, you need to take a little bit of time out sometimes, no matter whether you’re really busy, or you’re a little bit more laidback.

There is nothing more important than looking after your mind (and your body) so follow these simple tips if you want to have the best self-care day ever. We promise it includes chocolate, lie-ins, and a whole bunch of stuff that we know you want to do.

Let yourself sleep in

More often than not, you go to work on a Monday still feeling absolutely exhausted. You’ve been catching up with friends and family members left, right and centre, and you just don’t feel like you’ve had a minute to stop at all. However, you need to let your body recover from the stresses of the week, and it’s a good idea to let yourself have a lie in - even for a little while - on one of the weekend’s mornings. Sure, get up early on Saturday, go and see all of the things that you want to see, but devote Sunday morning to relaxation and reading in bed. You’ll feel revitalised, and ready for the new week ahead!

Start a new series

Well, we had to come to this at some point, didn’t we? The lazy day is characterised by that loading screen we’re all so familiar with… Netflix. We’re all just really waiting for that question: ‘are you still watching?’ to remind ourselves that this is the self-care day from heaven. Whichever platform you choose for watching a new series, there is nothing better than losing yourself in a TV programme, and there are plenty of choices out there. From The Orville to Peaky Blinders, there are loads of series out there worth escaping into, so get your best comfy clothes on, and some popcorn, too…

Do your beauty tasks

OK, hear us out on this one. You know those things that you have to do - like waxing off your moustache, ahem, and moisturising your entire body - but you don’t really have the effort to do them during the week? Now’s the time to get those things under control, and go into Monday feeling like an absolute goddess. From making your own facemask out of some great natural ingredients, to doing that thing where you leave your conditioner on for a really long time, the self-care day is a perfect time to get your beauty tasks done, so that you feel brand new and ready to take on the world.

Eat whatever you like

A self-care day wouldn’t be a self-care day if you didn’t treat yourself to your favourite food. Sure, you’ve been sticking to your healthy regime in the week, so why not let yourself have what you like for a change? Of course, it’s best not to absolutely overdo it here - as you may just fall asleep halfway through The Orville - but nevertheless, a little treat never hurt anybody, did it? On self-care days, we’re banning any mention of calories, or carbs, or anything that may allude to the fact that treating yourself is a bad thing. Now, where did we put that chocolate orange, does anybody know?

Bake a cake

We’ve definitely saved the best idea until last here, and there is nothing that will cheer you up quite like making a cake. Whilst this looks extremely difficult for those who aren’t exactly Bake Off material, it’s actually a lot easier than you think, and there are a lot of easy recipes out there for the first time cake-makers amongst us. Not only is this really therapeutic (we recommend putting on some uplifting girl power music, too) but you also get to eat the fruits of your labour, which is obviously the best part. If you want to get self-care right, bake yourself a cake, and, well, eat it. Yum.

So, if you want to have the best self-care day ever, try out these simple tips. From letting yourself sleep in, to eating whatever you want to eat, there are so many ways to treat yourself, and get ready for the week ahead. Look after yourself, and don’t be afraid to indulge every once in a while! You deserve it.

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