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Brightening up a bedroom, whether it be your own or the guest room is a really simple thing to do if you're after a change without spending too much money. If you're on a budget there are still little tweaks you can make that will make a bedroom feel much fresher. I love adding little touches to our bedroom to give it a different feel every now and again without changing expensive things like the furniture or the colour of the walls. Here are my tips for making a bedroom brighter and fresher on a budget.

Change the bedding

This is probably the easiest one of all to do but it can have a massive impact on the look and feel of the room. If you're bedroom is quite neutral, bedding is a great area to play around with colour. Whilst duvet sets can get quite expensive, there are some amazing deals to be found for bedding whilst all still being soft and good quality. Chances are your bed is in the middle of the room which means it's a real focus point so changing out the bedding is a great way to alter to look of a room without spending loads of money. Making the bed look inviting doesn't have to be saved for guests, it's important that you're own bed is comfy and relaxing too and some new bedding can make the world of difference in helping you enjoy your bedroom more.

New lamps

I don't know about anyone else but I hate using the main light in the bedroom for any length of time, especially on a night, it's just too bright! I feel much more relaxed using bedside lamps with a warm glow. Chances are you don't give too much thought to your bedside lamps but updating them can add a whole different look to the room for not a lot of money. Whether you're going for something industrial or something unusual it pays to put a bit of thought into it and go for something new, after all they kind of frame your bed so will go a long way to changing the feel of your room.


Plants, real or fake have become a huge thing now. The look of both the plant and the pot it comes in can really lift a bedroom. If you're worried about upkeep, or if you're like me and you've got pets that will chew anything and everything then fake is probably the way to go but there are some amazing fake plants out there now that look just as good as their living counterparts.

Candles/Wax melts

This is something I never used to give much thought to, but I love burning candles and wax melts in my bedroom now, they make the room smell amazing and much more inviting. For the bedroom, your best bet is something clean or relaxing. You don't want anything that's too overpowering as it's all about creating a relaxed environment. There are some amazing candles and wax melts to be found at really good prices, I'd highly recommend trying a small business over big brands though as the quality and fragrance throw tends to be so much better.

So that was my quick guide on cheap and easy ways to update the look of bedroom. Let me know if you have any other suggestions!

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