Our engagement story

Well here’s a post I never thought I’d be writing! I know a lot of people are surprised with their proposal but when you’ve been together for 11 years and your other half has been adamant for some time that he won’t be proposing, it does come as a shock! I knew I wanted to write a post for this but it’s just took me a few days to find the right words because I’ve been in such a bubble of happiness (plus we’ve been waiting to get some nice engagement photos). So here it is, our engagement story.

As I’ve already mentioned Josh and I have been together a loooong time, 11 years to be precise and to say I’ve dropped some hints about getting engaged over the years is an understatement. I’ve never made any secret of the fact that I’d like to get married but over time it became clear to me that I was perfectly happy as we were but one day it would be nice to get married to the man I’ve spent so long with. When you’ve been together so long, what you want from a relationship milestone like this massively changes over the years.
So how did it actually happen? A couple of weeks ago Josh surprised me with the fact that we'd be going to see Paul McCartney at the Echo Arena. We're both huge McCartney fans so I was super excited. As it got closer to the time I asked Josh if he thought 'Wonderful Chistmastime' would be played as it's always been my favourite Christmas song right from being a child before I even knew who Paul McCartney was! I've actually being lucky enough to see him play it live before a few years ago but I was desperate to see it again. When Josh said he thought it might be played, I jokingly said something along the lines of 'oh you should propose when it's on!' It was a complete joke because I really didn't think at this point Josh would propose and I didn't think at a concert would be his style.

Anyway, the night of the concert rolled around and I was further surprised with the fact that we had backstage passes for the show. We've been backstage before at the Echo Arena but this time we were hoping to meet Brian Ray, the guitarist in McCartney's band as Josh has actually done some work for him before and we've missed him at previous gigs. We finally managed to meet Brian and he asked if he could get a photo of us which looking back I found a little odd but I went with it, then he said he was going to get a video so I thought maybe Josh had spoke to him about getting some vlog footage or something. The next thing I knew, Josh was down on one knee asking me to marry him! I was in complete and utter shock but I just about managed to get the word 'yes' out! It turns out Josh had asked Brian if he'd help him out with the proposal so we actually have it on film!
Would I have wanted Josh to propose sooner? Actually no. Personally I’ve found that spending so long together before the proposal made it feel even more special. We know each other and are comfortable with each other in a way that you’re just not a couple of years into a relationship however much it might feel like you are.
It was the happiest moment of my life and I spent the next few days in a complete and utter daze! I can't stop staring at my ring because it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It's so dainty and classic and completely my style, Josh chose it all by himself and I've never really mentioned what kind of ring I'd like so he definitely did good! Even a week after it happened I still can't believe I'm engaged and I'm so excited to start this next chapter with Josh.

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