The Twelve Days of Christmas at Castle Howard

Christmas at Castle Howard 2018
Last weekend my Dad and I headed to Castle Howard near York to check out their Christmas decorations. It's becoming a bit of a tradition for us to have a Christmassy themed day out together in December as last year we went to Chatsworth House. The theme at Castle Howard this year was The Twelve Days of Christmas with each room dedicated to a different part of the song or a tradition surrounding the song such as a meal or party.

The house was beautiful and the attention to detail for the theme in each room was amazing. There was a mix of traditional Christmas scenes with large Christmas trees, presents and fairy lights.
Then there were some more quirky ones such as my favourite super bright room for the eight maids which was decked out in blues, pinks and purples.
Pretty much every room had a real fire blazing which really added to the Victorian Christmas theme, I'm a sucker for a good fireplace so I was in my element with the flames flickering and all the stunning decorations around them!
As well as a lot of the rooms featuring a Christmas tree, there was also a rather large tree (25ft to exact) in the Great Hall. The hall was absolutely stunning with it's high painted ceiling, large fireplace and Christmas lights everywhere.
It was lovely to wander around the house and soak in the Christmas atmosphere which was helped by the fact that several choirs were performing throughout the day. We actually went around the house twice as there's just so much to look at, we couldn't possibly take it all in the first time around.
In all I had such a lovely, festive day out and it definitely put me in the Christmas spirit. I love doing stuff like this anyway and with the added bonus of Christmas decorations it makes it even better. I also vlogged whilst I was at Castle Howard, so if you'd like to see some more of the rooms and the decorations then you can do so in this vlog.

I love our father, daughter Christmas Day out tradition and this one certainly did not disappoint!

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