Chin Up - How to stay positive when things aren't going to plan

To say the last few months haven't gone to plan, is an understatement. I'm ready for a break because I honestly don't know what else the universe wants to throw at me. So I've decided to sit down to partly to have a bit of a chat and partly to share some tips on how I've tried to remain positive over the past few months.

 I've spoken about some of the things that have gone off in this post because I like to be as honest as possible and I felt I should share when things weren't great, I also wrote that post because I honestly felt like all the negative things that had happened, were coming to an end but they weren't. I started 2018 in such a great place with big plans and exciting things ahead to look forwards to, I was ready for the year ahead. That all lasted around 4 months, we were getting ever closer to our Disney holiday, we were discussing plans for our home when we were back from Florida, in all there was a lot to look forwards to and be excited about. 

If you read this post then you'll know a lot of the things that have happened since April but there's other things I haven't shared and that's not what I'm here to do today, as despite the fact I will share a hell of a lot of things online both in this little space and on my vlogs, there are just some things that have to be kept private. But that's not why I'm writing this post. Yes, when all the bad luck finally seemed to be over, it got worse but instead of going to my default pessimistic attitude that comes so easy to me, I decided enough was enough and me feeling negative about a crappy situation wasn't going to help anything. Without sounding like a massive cliche I will say that as soon as I became more positive things started to change for that better and by not focusing on the negative I felt so much better too.

I think that's the real key to staying positive, staying calm. Sure, I could've freaked out and I'm not going to lie, I did for a short while, but as soon as I stopped and started to think of actual solutions that required a level head, I felt so much more at peace. Trust me when I say that this isn't something that comes easily to me, I'm the queen of stressing out, princess pessimism, so if I can do it, I'm pretty sure anyone can. 

Focus on what makes you happy, no matter how big or small. I began to slip into the mentality of not wanting to do something I enjoyed because it didn't seem right when everything else was going wrong. By actively choosing to not participate in the things you enjoy, you just end up adding to your unhappiness.

Find ways to make a situation better, hard work will always pay off. As I've already mentioned there's things that have happened that we haven't spoken about on here but they were problems that we could work on and come up with a plan to make it better and it worked. After a few weeks all the hard work paid off and our situation got so much better. Having a simple plan of how to tackle a problem will always help.

Speak to someone if you need to, there is no shame in seeking out help. Sometimes life is hard and we all deal with things differently. Going through a tough time can effect your mental health and there is absolutely no shame in that or in holding your hands up and admitting you'd like some help.

Trust me when I say, things always get better. After month and one bad thing after another I struggled to believe that. But it does get better. 

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