Our Christmas traditions

Two years ago I wrote all about our Christmas traditions. At the time we didn't live together and I said back then that I thought it would be fun to do an updated list when we lived together to see how things changed. So seen as this is our second Christmas living together, here is an updated list of our traditions to see what's stuck around and what's new.

popular christmas traditions

Decorating a real Christmas tree 
 For years we decorated an artificial tree that stood at about 3ft tall (if that) in Josh's bedroom. Now we have our own place, a real Christmas tree is the only option. We personally like them so much better than artificial trees even if they're more of a pain with chopping them down to size, mounting it in the holder and sweeping up pine needles, it's more than worth it. We always like to decorate it at night too, there's just something nicer about doing it all in the glow of the fairy lights.

Watching The Muppets Christmas Carol and Polar Express on Christmas Eve 
These are probably our favourite Christmas films so we always save them for Christmas Eve with our takeaway and bottle of Asti.

A bacon sandwich for Christmas Day breakfast 
 We always start our day, before even opening presents with a big bacon sandwich and a coffee. The best start to the best day!

Exchanging a small present on Christmas Eve 
For the first 7 Christmas' we spent together we exchanged all our gifts on Christmas Eve as we wouldn't spend Christmas Day together. For the final two years before we moved in together we spent Christmas Day together so started the tradition of opening one small present each on Christmas Eve, a tradition we've continued now we live together.

Drinking Asti 
A couple of years ago I introduced Josh to Asti, we both like sweet wines so prefer this over Prosecco and now we always crack open a bottle on special occasions meaning we're usually well stocked up on it over the festive period.

Having a takeaway on Christmas Eve 
 This has been a long standing tradition but unfortunately our favourite takeaway closed so now this alternates between a takeaway or rustling up some party nibbles.

Maltesers and Cherry Coke 
 This has been a tradition since we got together 12 years ago. Josh read on Myspace (yes I did just cringe at that!) that I loved Maltesers and Cherry Coke so the first thing he ever bought me was a box of Maltesers and a bottle of Cherry Coke and he's bought that present for me every year since!

Keeping Christmas Day just for us 
 When we moved in together we came to the decision to keep Christmas Day for ourselves. Both our parents are separated and we knew if we got into either having people to ours for Christmas dinner or going to other peoples for Christmas dinner we'd just start this huge cycle of rotating around our families which is not what we wanted. Sometimes you have to be a little bit selfish to remain happy!

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