How to grow your blog with Tailwind: Month 1

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At the start of December 2019 I purchased Tailwind for Pinterest on a Cyber Monday deal. I saved a massive $70 on the original price so I figured I had nothing to lose. After using the one month free trial and seeing lots of fellow bloggers sing the praises of Pinterest for driving massive amounts of traffic to their blog I was ready to invest some money into growing my blog. I've decided to track my progress each month so I can see if I'm seeing any results and so fellow bloggers can get a true idea of how Tailwind and Pinterest work in driving traffic to your blog. 

How to grow your blog with Tailwind

I know there are loads of Pinterest guides out there where you're shown huge stats, a single pin that receives thousands of link clicks which of course converts to page views. I myself have bought those guides from people absolutely killing it at Pinterest and their stats are insane which has been more than a little off putting for me. The reality is most of my pins don't receive any link clicks or any saves. I'd love to say that I've seen a massive difference in my blog stats in the month I've being using Tailwind and although my stats have increased ever so slightly it's nothing compared to what others seem to get. Some of my stats have shot through the roof though as you can see below and I'm about to explain exactly why you and I won't see the results instantly that you see in the Pinterest guides.

My stats

All analytics photos in this post are from the date range 3rd December 2019 - 3rd January 2020 and are all linked to my blog. I have filtered out all other pins and just focused on pins from my claimed blog account. I'm also focusing just on link clicks as that's what I'm trying to achieve with Pinterest. Link click on pins equate to page views on my blog. 

So impressions and total audience have risen dramatically and most importantly engagements and engaged audience how gone up a lot too. This is all compared to the 32 days before when I wasn't using Tailwind. By looking at these stats it's clear to see that by using Tailwind my Pinterest account is growing which is a positive.

New vs established accounts

So why am I not seeing a massive amount of traffic coming from Pinterest just yet? Tailwind average stats for growth are based on usage of the tool for 6 months so clearly this is not a quick way to drive traffic to your blog, nor did I expect it to be. I fully expected that it would take time to see results which is why I wanted to start this series of posts so other people could get a true reflection of a Pinterest account growing with Tailwind from the beginning not once it's established. I basically started my Pinterest from scratch about half way through my first month of having Tailwind. All the boards that were not relevant to my blog have been made secret and in their places are a bunch of new boards all relevant to my niche. That does mean that the majority of my boards are now completely new and not established which of course has an impact on link clicks too.

Those Pinterest guides you buy, they're all from people with established accounts hence the reason why their numbers are so big. It's so important to remember that if you have a brand new Pinterest account or you're only just implementing a Pinterest strategy your numbers will look completely different.

Top pins

Reassuringly, even though my stats are not high for link clicks there are some positives to take from it. Out of my top 10 pins to have received the most link clicks this last month, 7 of them are from my revamped pin style. I've now established a pin style and I think it's showing and working as they're the better performing pins. My older style pins were being pinned this month and not as many of them have ranked in the top 10. I really started focusing more on design and establishing a few designs that I like about half way through the month so it's good too see that those are working.

Interestingly 5 of the top 10 pins all lead to the same blog post so clearly something clicked with people there so I need to make more pins of a similar style for the same post. I have noticed more traffic to that post too which is good.

Month 1 conclusion

So far things seem to be heading in the right direction even if it is at a slow and steady pace. I currently don't have any regrets about purchasing Tailwind and I think it's going to take a few months of playing around with the number of pins, establishing a style and figuring out what works. I think that's the key thing here, you don't instantly know what's going to work. I'd honestly say the first few months of using Tailwind are about finding your feet and working out what's a good strategy for you. I'm excited to see where Tailwind and a good Pinterest strategy are going to take me.

I hope you're going to find these monthly Pinterest reports helpful. Let me know in the comments if these posts are going to help you out and let me know if you have a Pinterest account, I'd love to follow you!

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