Is there still a place for personal blog posts?

With more and more people looking to either blog full time or create a side hustle through their blog, the days of taking about what you got up to at the weekend seem to be dying out. Personal blog posts are very rarely money makers. As someone who has made the shift from personal posts to more advice based posts I'm going to discuss whether there's actually still room for personal posts on blogs.

Do personal posts still belong in the blogging industry?

My blogging journey

When I first started my blog 8 years ago it was very much just for me, it documented by life, days at, uni, special occasions etc and it continued like that for a many years. I'd say up until around 2015 my blog was predominantly personal posts and at the time that worked for me, I was enjoying blogging and it was only ever a hobby. Up to that point I'd sprinkled the odd money saving post in here and there and a few advice posts over the years but 99% of my content was personal. In 2015 more Disney and book content started to filter in with still the odd advice post. I was still living at home, going to work every day and didn't have much else to offer other than what was happening in my life. 

In 2016 I bought my first house and that's where a shift in the content I wanted to create came, I suddenly had a lot of advice and knowledge I wanted to share with others and found that I loved creating home based advice and content for fellow first time buyers and home owners. Alongside that the passion of money saving that had slowly being brewing for years came exploding out. I've always been good with my money and it was a real light bulb moment when I realised I could actually offer practical, everyday advice to people looking to save money and be a bit more savvy with their finances. For the next couple of years my passion projects of home posts and money saving posts set alongside all my other content, most of which was still quite personal.

At the back end of 2018 I started making a very tiny amount of money from my blog for the first time. With a new year came a big rethink about the future of my blog and the direction I wanted it to go in. Writing personal posts had served me well for many, many years but I knew that to keep my passion for blogging and to grow I needed to steer my content in a different direction. It was time to focus more on content for my audience rather than content for myself. 

These days I am very much still a lifestyle blog because I cover so many topics but my big passions are money saving, home advice, blogging, Disney and pets. I could never stick to just writing about one of those topics! On the personal side I still love sharing Disney holiday photo diaries, the Happy List feauture I've had on my blog for 7 years or one form or another is still around in the form of a round-up of my month and if I've had a particularly good day out somewhere special I'll often share that experience too. 

Personal posts vs writing for an audience

Whether you write personal posts or you write for your audience all depends on what you want from your blog. If it's a hobby and you just want to connect with similar people then I 100% think there is still room for personal posts. If you're wanting to grow your blog into a side hustle or even a full time job then writing for your audience is where you're going to have to go. I'm not saying you can't ever feature a personal post because that's not true, I love personal posts from other bloggers because it makes the whole blog feel more personable and relatable. If you're wanting to a make money then you need to offer your audience something in order to keep them coming back and grow your blog. People want to feel like you're talking to them, like you're helping them and like you've written content with people like them in mind. They don't want to be talked at solely about your life.

Are personal posts on the way out?

Honestly in my opinion I think there is still room for personal posts. If you blog for a hobby and you're worried that there isn't room in the blogging world for your life ramblings then you couldn't be more wrong. So many people just blog as a hobby, I did it quite happily for 7 years before turning it into a side hustle. There will always be people like you around! If you're making money from your blog whether it's full time or alongside another job like me then I'd still say there is definitely room for personal posts. People are fickle whilst they want to feel like you're working for them, they also don't want to read content that sounds like it's been produced by a money making robot. We're nosey, we want to know about the real person behind the blog! Striking a balance between writing for your audience and still being relatable can be hard at times but it's what will keep people coming back and throwing the odd personal post in here and there will do your blog the world of good. My personal posts receive, on average, the same sorts of views as my content written for my audience so I think that firmly goes to show that there is still a place for personal blog posts.

Do write for a hobby or to earn some extra money? Do you think personal posts still have their place? Let me know in the comments.

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