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Bimble is the new and easy way to share your places with other people. Help others discover the places you love and gain inspiration for new travels all in one place.

On you can create 'placelists' which are exactly what they sound like - lists of places. This can be of places you love and want to recommend to others and places you want to explore in the future. It's great for gathering inspiration for future trips and for sharing your knowledge of all the places you already love. I signed up to Bimble and had a go at creating my own placelists, here's how I got on.

Getting started on

Registering is super quick and easy (and free) and once you have your account set up, you're good to go. Creating a place list is super easy to do, you're first asked about the location you're making a list for so for example London or Amsterdam. You can then start searching for the places you love and add them to your list, you can add some extra information to each place so this is a good opportunity to let people know why you love that particular place, what makes it special, how easy is it to find etc. If you're using placelists as inspiration for future trips maybe add a note as to why you want to visit that particular place. After adding at least three places you can name your list and everything gets saved to one handy link that you can share with others. Placelists are available for anyone to see on Bimble.

Using Bimble to review your travels

Bimble is a great tool for reviewing your travels, you can share hidden gems and favourite spots with other people who might be looking for inspiration and provide useful information on each place. It would be great for putting all your favourite places from one particular trip into one place and have your trip laid out in front of you. Bimble is about creating a community that allows you to share your knowledge and hopefully find something new too.   

Using Bimble to plan your travels

Bimble can also be used to document future travel destinations and all the places you'd love to visit in the future. It a handy way to put all the things you want to do in one place and that way when your trips comes around you already have a handy little itinerary of places to visit. It's a great way too see what other people have to say about the places you want to visit to see if it's truly worth your time.

My placelists

I've only just got started on Bimble and so far I've created four placelists, one specifically for my wedding that would be great to share with guests as it contains our ceremony venue, reception venue and nearby hotels for guests who are travelling, one for our London Christmas trip so I can keep adding all the places I want to visit in December, one for the York part of our mini-moon and one for the Liverpool part of our mini-moon. I love the inspiration side of it as I'm an avid Pinterest user and I personally think Bimble could be likened to Pinterest, however Bimble creates more of a community and allows you to review and recommend. I do plan on creating more lists in the future though and adding to my exisiting ones. I'm particularly excited to make a start on my Florida placelist as that's where we're going on our honeymoon but having been twice before I can also add all the places we love as well as documenting all the new places we want to visit on our next trip. 

I've throughly enjoyed trying out Bimble and I honestly think it's a great way to not only document and review your travels but it's great for planning future travels too (and the wedding section is pretty handy at the minute too!). It's such a simple idea but one I think really works and for someone who keeps thinking of new places they want to visit on specific trips it's super convenient to add them all to Bimble then that way you won't forget anything!

Does Bimble sound like something that would be useful to you? If you give Bimble a go (which I recommend you do) let me know what you think to it in the comments!

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