Brighton Pride 2019

I don't often do life posts these days aside from the monthly Happy Lists but this month we went to the Brighton Pride Parade and it was too much fun not to share!

We had a trip planned to visit Josh's gran who doesn't live too far away from Brighton so seen as our trip coincided with Pride weekend we figured we'd experience something new and head to Brighton for the Pride Parade. Neither of us have ever been to Brighton or a Pride weekend for that matter so we didn't really know what to expect. The atmosphere however was amazing as everyone lined the streets waiting for the parade to go past.

First stop was getting glittered, I'm not normally a fan of glitter I mean I can't stand the stuff on cards but suddenly in the spirit of the day I wanted lots of glitter all over my face! It actually didn't freak me out as much as I thought it would and it washed off really easy.

Next we got a spot for the parade and seen as everyone else seemed to be enjoying a few drinks we figured we'd get in the spirit (literally) too. We had a really good spot for the parade but right at the last minute it got changed and the parade went down the opposite road meaning we had to move, it was a squash and it was very crowded and I really wasn't a fan of how disorganised that part was but we managed to get a good view of the parade in the end. I really loved most of the parade and there were actually parts that really moved me as well as parts that were super fun! It was such a pleasure and honour to witness so many different groups of people coming together to support Pride.

Overall I had a really great day, it was extremely busy and for me the parade went on a little bit too long and for those reasons I'm not sure if I'd do Brighton Pride again, we went to London a few days later and I swear Brighton was busier than London. It got a bit much towards the end. That's not to say I won't attend another parade though because I'd love to just for the fabulous atmosphere and the attitude of the people who make Pride what it is and show the world that love will always win.

We did a whole vlog of our day in Brighton which I highly recommend watching to get a better feel of the day.

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