30th Birthday Celebrations

I thought we'd go old school today with a little personal posts like back at the start of this blog. On Saturday it was Josh's 30th birthday (so no not mine in case some of you got the wrong idea from the post title!) so I thought it might be nice to share a few moments from that. As some of you may or may not know, Josh and I daily vlog now so while back in the day a post like this would have been full of photo's, it's actually all in one handy video now and the bottom of this post!

Josh didn't want a fuss for his birthday (unlike me, because rest assured when I turn 30 in a few years, I want a fuss!) so it was a relatively quiet day but still super nice. I decorated our living room with a nice big banner and a few balloons and laid all his presents out the night before, I'll be honest I was just excited as I am at Christmas. We didn't do much on his actual birthday aside from having a bit of food at Josh's grans. You can see how the whole day went, as well as what he got for his birthday, in the vlog.

We did actually go out for a family meal the next day where Josh was surprised with an amazing birthday cake so if you'd like to see that then watch this vlog too.

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