A useful guide to food shopping essentials for Christmas

I don't know about anyone else but we have to write food shopping lists at any time of the year but when it comes to Christmas we have lists everywhere just so we don't forget anything at this super busy time of year. Food is a huge part of Christmas and lets face it we buy and eat a lot of it during December! Today we're going to be sharing some of the things that we consider food essentials for Christmas because we're super sad and love watching food hauls on YouTube plus it might be useful in helping you create a list of food shopping essentials for Christmas!

To help with all the different events and parts of Christmas we're going to split each bit up and include a list of the things we buy for each part, you can use these lists to help you create your own shopping list, or just to be nosy like me!

The Christmas Dinner

We might as well start with the main event because this is the one I always worry about forgetting something for. There's only ever us two for Christmas dinner because that's the way we like it, we still have a full on roast dinner though because Christmas dinner leftovers are amazing turned into bubble and squeak the next day!

Sweet Treats

I mean we have to dedicate a whole section to desserts considering the countdown to Christmas is made up of eating chocolate to breakfast. We tend to buy a couple of desserts then I make a trifle with a trifle packet mix and add in a bit of booze and some nicer sponge. I also like to make a chocolate orange tart. I haven't wrote down all the ingredients down for that because I have a blog post with the full recipe for my no-bake chocolate orange tart.

Party Food

We usually have my mum around a few days before Christmas to have some festive fun and lots of party food. We also stay in at new year and just do a lot of party food to pick at throughout the night.


They're are a couple of drinks we just have to have at Christmas. Baileys is an absolute must for when we're decorating the tree and a little drop in a hot chocolate goes down nice too. We also like to buy a few bottles of Asti for celebrations.


Finally here are a couple of other essentials we buy to bring all the festive food together. Of course, cheese had to make it onto this list. What is Christmas without cheese?!
Hopefully our little lists have provided you with some help when it come to doing your Christmas food shopping this year! If there's any Christmas food shopping essentials that you have to buy at Christmas, let us know in the comments!

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