11 years

So today is our 11th anniversary! Last year we celebrated our 10 year anniversary which was just mind blowing, but now another year has passed and it somehow continues to surprise me just how long we've been together, how much we've grown together and how in love I am with my partner in crime.

Year 11 of our relationship has been a tough one for us both, not at all in terms of our relationship but for other things that have happened in our lives. But for all the tough times we have had some absolute cracking relationship memories this year too. There is no one is this world that I'd rather share both the ups and downs with and this year has just confirmed that we can get through anything together. 

I of course couldn't write this anniversary post without mentioning the absolutely massive relationship milestone that happened last week, our engagement! It was such a surprise and the most perfect, happiest moment of my life so far! There is going to a whole post about this tomorrow!

After so long together, it's amazing to be entering another chapter in our relationship and starting our 12 year together as an engaged couple! So Josh, thank you for continually making me the happiest girl in the world, for being my perfect match and supporting me no matter what. I love you.  

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