Emily Makes Boutique Christmas Haul

Emily Makes Boutique wax melts
Emily Makes Boutique is a small, handmade home fragrance business. I first came across EMB earlier this year and made my first ever order of some wax melt shot pots back in April. I was blown away by the quality of the melts, the scent throw was super strong and the pots lasted forever (I actually still have some melts left from my first order!). You can get everything from candles, wax melts, reed diffusers, plug-ins and more and with so many amazing smells to choose from, you'll probably have a hard time picking what to order like I did. Just to give you a quick idea, there's perfume and aftershave inspired scents, Lush inspired scents, laundry and cleaning product inspired scents and lots more. So when Emily announced the launch of her Christmas products, I made an order immediately. I feel I have to point out that this is not a sponsored post, everything here was bought with my own money and I'm only writing this post because I genuinely love the business and the products (and I'm supporting a fellow South Yorkshire girl!)

Christmas Tree Wax Melts
In my order I purchased a trio of Christmas tree wax melts, they're slightly smaller than the shot pots so I'll probably break these in half and melt half a tree at a time. The four mini tree melts were actually a free gift as I made my order just as Emily was about to go on holiday so anyone who made an order around that time was also sent a free gift. You can see the three scents on the trio on the packing and by far my favourite is the Gingerbread one as it's exactly the type of Christmas scent I love. The free melts I received were Pumpkin and Chestnut and Christmas Spice, both of them smell incredible (which is lucky because I actually ordered a Christmas Spice shot pot myself!)

Wax Melt Shot Pots
I managed to control myself and only order five shot pots. I usually split these into four pieces which makes them incredible value for money. The scents I ordered were Snow Pixie (a dupe for Lush's Snow Fairy, this scent is actually available all year round and it's just incredible!), It's The Season, Christmas Eve, Toasty Toes and Christmas Spice. Aside from Snow Pixie, which I love all year round, Christmas Spice is my favourite out of this bunch as it smells exactly like Christmas, it's so warming and nice. I'm a little undecided on Toasty Toes and Christmas Eve as they're not ones I'd normally pick if I was to smell before buying. Toasty Toes smells a little like mens aftershave and doesn't burn for that long, I can't really describe the scent of Christmas Eve but it the pot I'm not overly fond of it, it haven't tried this one out in my burner yet though.

Overall I'm very pleased with my order from Emily Makes Boutique, I love having a nice smelling home and these wax melts really do fill your whole home with scent. If you're after some amazing smelling home fragrance products, I highly recommend checking out EMB.

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