Why my pets are my family

I've spoken a few times on here now about my two cats, Buddy and Dobby. From the lighthearted list of things I've learnt about owning a cat to the more serious chat about why pets are great for your mental health. They're certainly no strangers to the blog, with pictures popping up of them in almost every monthly Happy List since they joined us two years ago but on the day that marks two years since we brought these two cuties into our home, I thought I'd venture into what is quite possibly the closest to crazy cat lady territory that I've ever been. Today I'm going to be discussing why Buddy and Dobby aren't my pets but my family.

I don't know about anyone else but I've seen a big rise in people of a similar age to me who I follow on social media, settling into their first homes and not long after, bringing a four-legged friends into their lives. We create Instagram profiles for them, we feature them in our blog and vlog content, we buy them the best things we can afford and spend huge amounts of time with them. In reality we're dedicating between 10-20 years of our lives to our fur babies so why shouldn't they feel like part of the family to us?

If you've ever read the original story of how we ended up with two cats (it's not as straight forward as you might think!) then you'll know that I have a soft spot for animals, I always have. I grew up with two dogs until I was around 11 and my grandparents always had dogs. Josh has always had cats and it was nailed on that when we had a place of our own we too would be making some furry additions to our home. From the moment they came into our home, I knew I would dedicate my time to loving them and looking after them, I knew I'd work to make sure we could get them to best things. In short they had a huge impact on my life and made it so much happier. Both of our cats are house cats which means that (hopefully) we're looking at the higher end of the life expectancy chart for them both, that means we'll hopefully get to spend between 15-18 years together. That's huge, think about it this way, that around the same amount of time you spend, raising and caring for a child before they go to university.

I've made no secret of the fact that neither Josh or I want children which I think reinforces the idea of dedicating so much time and money to my cats. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing a fur baby into your life and seeing them as part of the family rather than just a pet. After all they bring us so much happiness and joy, why shouldn't we want to do all we can for them?

If your of the same thinking as me and would like some super cute cats and dogs to coo over, here a few of my favourite Instagrammers and their furry counterparts. You can, of course, also follow Buddy and Dobby over on their Instagram.

Amelia and her super cute Cocker Spaniel Toby
Rebecca and her lovely Whippets Josie and Edie
Megs and the adorable Corgi's Rue and Murphie
Helen and the stunning Ragdoll's Tsuki and Matsu

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