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Having not had a holiday abroad since 2010, Josh and I have become quite the staycation experts. While we tend to have a couple of days away somewhere if it's just us two we've also done week long holiday's in the UK with family as well. The fact is we've just not been able to afford a holiday abroad until recently and I know we're not the only ones in this position so we thought we'd throw a few tips out there on how to make the best out of a staycation!

  1. City's are the best option for a few days away and the easiest option in terms of travel if like us you can't drive which brings me nicely onto the next point...
  2. If you're traveling by train book tickets in advance on sites like Raileasy and The Trainline. You can book up to 12 weeks in advance and save quite a hefty amount
  3. When it comes to accommodation unless it's for a special occasion you're basically just looking for a clean place to sleep and shower. I know I'd rather spend money on exploring and eating some good food rather than on a room I'm not really going to see because I'll only be sleeping in it. We always stay in a Travelodge and haven't had anything to complain about yet. 
  4. Research what you'd like to see and do before you get there, that way you've more time to explore
  5. Definitely check out the free attractions. Some of the best places Josh and I have visited have been free. It doesn't hurt to look if you're not paying!
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 Let me know if you've had a really nice staycation somewhere in the comments.

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