Bucket List

So here's my Bucket List created on 28.10.16 it may change and grow over time but I'm excited to tick things off!

1. Visit Florida again COMPLETE 18.08.18
2. Swim with dolphins COMPLETE 25.08.18
3. See another show in London
4. Visit New York
5. Have a cold holiday
6. See the Northern Lights in Finland
7. Visit the Disney parks around the world
8.Get married
9. Visit Washington D.C.
10.  Attend International Beatle Week
11. Go snorkeling
12. Have a spa break COMPLETE 30.10.17
13. See Love in Las Vegas 
14. Go some where that's so dark I can see the Milky Way
15. Watch a sunset with Josh
16. Visit San Francisco
17. Turn my idea into a successful business
18. See a waterfall
19. Make a snow angel
20. Visit New Orleans
21. Toast marshmallows over a fire COMPLETE 31.12.16
22. Swim in the Blue Lagoon
23. Go on holiday at Christmas
24. Visit Austria
25. Spend a birthday in a different country
26. Ride the Hulk rollercoaster at Universal's Islands of Adventure
27. Visit Amsterdam COMPLETE 22.02.17
28. Collect Disney pins from each of Disney World's parks COMPLETE 01.09.18
29. Visit a Christmas market in Germany
30. Stay in a cabin/cottage with a log fire
31. Meet Mickey Mouse COMPLETE 20.08.18
32. Visit Lake Como
33. Attend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World COMPLETE 28.08.18
34. Attend Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Walt Disney World
35. Stay at the Hard Day's Night Hotel in Liverpool

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