How to virtually date during the lockdown

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The U.K and many other European countries are still on lockdown due to the Coronaviurs pandemic. As if it wasn't bad enough having to stay inside all the time you might think the lockdown spells disaster for your love life. Wrong! Just because you can't actually go out and meet people doesn't mean to stay you can't have some dating fun to bring some happiness to this difficult time.

How to go on a virtual date

Happy List: March 2020

This feels odd and hard to write. So far this year has been great but March saw the U.K. plunged into a situation none of us ever imagined. A global pandemic which has resulted in the lockdown of many countries, the U.K. included. It's hard to find the positives with nothing to look forwards to and none of us knowing when all this will be over. It hurts even more for me as these lists have been quite wedding focused so far this year too, as of yet the wedding hasn't been cancelled and it's too far away for us to do anything without losing money. But with only 4 months to go I'm slowly having to accept our wedding probably won't go ahead. I've been trying to find small positives in each day to keep me going so I didn't want to skip this list either. I do still have some wedding things to show on here too and I've decided to include them as even if they don't get used on their original date they will still be at our wedding. Here's the better side to March.

I hope when all this is over we are changed

I was really unsure whether to publish this. Its so far from my normal content and so far from anything I've done for a long time. I just wrote and let my thoughts out and I probably haven't done that since my creative writing module at university 10 years ago! I don't even know what you'd call this, I feel out of my depth calling it poetry but with everything going on I just wanted to get some thoughts down and I hope it helps some of you too.

15 fun activities for kids to do at home

The U.K. and much of Europe has been thrown into a situation we've never found ourselves in before. Schools are out, the country is on lockdown and things have changed for the foreseeable. We're now having to educate kids in a whole new way and working in a school myself believe me when I say this is a learning curve for everyone. Many parents have now found themselves playing the role of a teacher and I know it's hard but I've created a list of 15 activities to help you out while you're homeschooling.

Fun activities for kids to do at home

5 work from home outfits you need to buy

Many of us are now in the position where we have to work from home. Whilst the U.K. and many other European countries have gone into lockdown, many people have found themselves in a position they haven't been in before and are now working from the comfort and safety of their own homes. With this, many brands have seriously stepped up their loungewear offerings to provide cute and comfortable sets to see us through this situation. Here are 5 of my favourite work from home outfit offerings.

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