Happy List: February 2020

Another month of 2020 down and another month closer to our wedding. This month has been all about our wedding and I've loved it! We've got so much done and bought lots of amazing things (some of which haven't turned up yet so no doubt they'll be in next months list), it's a very exciting time! Here's how February went.

1. So on the wedding planning front we've got a lot done this month. We gave notice of marriage which was the last big thing we needed to do and it feels so real now that's out of the way. We've almost finished handing out our invites and I've started organising my hen party. We've bought lots of things for our Disney Up theme including our card box, guest book and a ring box and very excitingly we've bought Josh's wedding ring. You can see his exact ring in the last photo. It's a handmade titanium, rosewood and turquoise ring and we both love how unique it is. If you want to read more about our wedding planning in February then hop over to my wedding blog and give February's wedding planning update a read.

2. In January we bought a lot of Disney pins and February was no different. Shop Disney is killing it with pins this year much to the dismay of our bank accounts. We managed to snap up February's Minnie Mouse The Main Attraction set then we've added lots of Up pins to our collection including the ones you can see above and another set that isn't included here.

3. I enjoyed a week off at the end of February and it was very much needed. Not only did I get a lot of wedding stuff done then but we also enjoyed a lovely date night. We definitely need to make more of an effort to have more dates this year. We had a really lovely night and I definitely want more nights like that!

4. For Valentine's Day Josh bought me a bottle of red velvet cupcake Baileys which tastes so good and a box on Lindy chocolates which are my absolute favourite. We don't really do Valentine's Day but it was the last one before we get married so we bought each other a few bits.

I'll be honest, there wasn't much going on over here in February. Back in January's Happy List I said how well things were going on this blog but in February I just haven't had the time or energy to write on here and my wedding blog as well as keep up with Pinterest so everything on this blog has just sort of been pushed to one side as I currently get a lot more enjoyment out of my wedding stuff. I feel a little lost with this blog at the moment to be honest so I just need to wait for the spark to come back.

How was February for you? Let me know in the comments.

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