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Your bed is not only a place to retire to after a long, hard day but it's usually the focal point of your bedroom too. With all that in mind there are a few things you should think about before you buy a new bed to ensure you not only have something that looks good in your bedroom but a bed that provides you with a comfortable and relaxing nights sleep.

Beds with storage

If your bedroom is on the smaller side you don't want to overfill it with furniture as it will feel cluttered and there won't be much room to move around. A bed with extra storage is a great solution for smaller rooms or for those who just need some more storage space (hello more space for clothes and bags!) From ottoman beds to beds with drawers, there are some great solutions if you need a little bit more from your bed. Ottoman beds are a great idea for storing things like bedding, towels or even bags and shoes and beds with drawers are the best solution for storing clothing if you can't fit a large wardrobe or a set of drawers in your room.

Find the right mattress

Getting the right mattress is super important. You spend an average of 8 hours a night laid on your mattress so getting one that supports you and make you feel comfortable is very important. You should test out a number of different types of mattresses as well as mattresses that vary in firmness to find the one that's right for you. Consider how you would normally sleep and any extra support you may need before committing to anything.

Think about the colour

Whilst the colour of your new bed has nothing to do with how comfortable it is, it will have a big impact on how you feel about your bedroom. A neutral coloured bed works best as it allows you to play around with colour in the room and on your bedding. A Suede Divan Bed is a great option for adding a luxury feel to your room whilst keeping things neutral so it doesn't clash with your colour scheme. A neutral coloured bed is a particularly good option if you often like to change your room around or you're a fan of a statement duvet cover as your bed will always fit in with your room rather than clashing.

Measure correctly

Getting the correct measurement for your new bed is really important. You don't want to spend all that money to find out that your new bed doesn't fit in your bedroom or that you can't even get it in your house! Measure the space where your new bed will be going and think about the logistics of getting a new bed and/or mattress into your house especially if there are a lot of tight spaces. You might not think it but there is a lot of difference between the different sizes of beds so whilst you may really want a king sized bed to spread out in, practically your space may only fit a double bed so it's always best to actually measure up and be sensible.

To see what else you should consider before buying a new bed check out this infographic.

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