Happy List: January 2020

The first Happy List of 2020 and what a month January has been! It's been a great start to the new year and I can't wait to see what the rest of this year has to offer. So lets see what went on in the first month of 2020.

1. There's been two things that have dominated January, one of them being wedding planning. After months and months of just plodding along not doing much for the wedding we suddenly got absolutely loads done in January. I did write a big wedding update covering September - January over on my wedding blog but just this month alone we've sorted Josh's outfit, booked to give notice, got a bridesmaid dress, sorted the invites, sorted flowers and got ties for the men. We've also paid to add more food to our buffet as it's the only food we're having so we figured it was best to offer our guests as much as possible! We're just 6 months away from the wedding now and it's nice to be focusing on the smaller details and the things we want rather than just need.

2. Another thing we've done a lot of this month is buying Disney pins. It all started with the release of the huge 2020 pin on Shop Disney and since then we've placed 3 other Shop Disney orders for pins. Oopps. We've also picked a few up on eBay and a Facebook group we're in. It doesn't help that Disney are now releasing a new monthly collection this year with pins. God help my bank account.

3. There seems to be something about January that pushes me to get stuff done in the house. Last January we started a makeover on our kitchen, this year we've started a makeover on our bathroom. We try and keep all projects in the house fairly low budget, for many reasons including we prefer to spend our money on more exciting things and because even though we'll be living in this house a while it's not our forever home and our house is just more marketable to first time buyers so there's no point in spending loads of money on it when it won't make a huge difference to the value. I can't wait to share the bathroom makeover once it's done though.

4. January marked two years of our YouTube channel and one year of vlogging every single day! I can't believe we've filmed every day for a year without missing a day. We've no plans to stop just yet either so if you feel like joining us over on YouTube it would be great to have you!
5. January was a good month for my blog, I managed to get quite a few sponsored posts this month which were great to work on. I'm hoping 2020 is a good year for this place and I have some big changes planned for at some point this year that will hopefully put my blog in an even better place. The goal is to go self-hosted. After 9 years of this blog, it's something I should have done a very long time ago but it's only over the past year that my blog is no longer just a hobby. I've just got to take the plunge!

So that was January, the first month of 2020 done and I couldn't have asked for a better month. 

How was January for you? Let me know in the comments.

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