Disney World's Magic Kingdom: 2018 photos #1

We took a lot of beautiful photos on our 2018 Florida holiday that are just sat on the computer so I thought I'd share them with you so they can be seen in all their glory and appreciated by everyone! There are a lot of photos so there's going to be a fair few posts like this, I'm going to aim to do one a week until I'm out of photos to share! I'll be doing one park at a time and today I'm on the first part of Magic Kingdom. Hope you enjoy this series.

I know Magic Kingdom is a lot of people's favourite park, it's the park you think of when you think of Disney World and there's certainly no denying how magical it is and whilst it does contain our favourite ever Disney attraction (The Haunted Mansion) it's not our favourite park. Of course we love it but we don't spend loads and loads of time there. We always enjoy the time we do spend there though.

One of my absolute favourite areas of the park is the Tangled area which is strange because it's mainly just a restroom area, but it's so pretty. I really wish they'd expand on the area so it wasn't just known as a restroom location!

Magic Kingdom may not be our favourite park but there's no denying it's jam packed with amazing photo opportunities and I think the PhotoPass locations at this park are some of the best too. I think I'll share some of my favourite PhotoPass pictures once this series is over. 

On our first visit to Magic Kingdom in 2018 we went for rope drop which I think will be our plan in the future. I can't tell you how much stuff we got done before our FastPasses kicked in late morning. I was shocked at the amount of things we got done. Rope drop tends to look much busier then it is as you're all being filtered through in the same direction but once you're through the castle the crowds start spreading it. I highly recommend doing Magic Kingdom at rope drop and making FastPasses for late morning or early afternoon as you can get so much done.

Of course you can't visit Magic Kingdom without getting loads of pictures of the castle from every angle! This trip was also the first time for us seeing Happily Ever After, I was worried that it wouldn't move me as much as Wishes did but it was beautiful and I cried so much. It's such a lovely projection and firework show.

There's just no beating that feeling you get when you see the castle for the first time on your trip. I don't think that will ever lose its magic for me.

I hope you enjoyed my photo diary of Magic Kingdom, there'll be a second part next week. I have posts from all 6 Disney World parks as well as Universal Resort's 3 parks, Disney Springs and Discovery Cove. We vlogged our whole Florida 2018 holiday so I highly recommend checking those videos out too.

What's your favourite part of Magic Kingdom?  Let me know in the comments!

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