Disney pin haul - February 2020

I thought I'd do something a little different today, as you know I love Disney and I wanted to do a bit more of a laid back, relaxed post that quite frankly I didn't have to think about too much about but that hopefully you'd still enjoy. So here's a big Disney pin haul for you!

Josh and I both love collecting Disney pins and since the start of this year we've added quite a few new ones to our collection. We've even had to buy a new pin board! So here's what we've added to our collection:

2020 pin - this one is huge. I couldn't believe it when it turned up from Shop Disney. It's a really nice pin even if it does take up a lot of room. 2020 is going to be a big year for us with us getting married so it's nice to have a 2020 pin.

Three Caballeros 75th anniversary pin - the Three Caballeros ride in Epcot was actually the first ever Disney ride I went on when I first went to Disney World in 2015 so the ride holds a special place in my heart. I bought the 75th anniversary mug that came out before Christmas so when a pin came out I snapped it up straight away.

Minnie Mouse The Main Attraction pins - Shop Disney have started a new monthly collection, Minnie Mouse The Main Attraction. So now we've started the monthly battle of trying to get the pins. It's the first monthly release we've started collecting and it's intense trying to get them! This month was Space Mountain and they look amazing.

Carl and Ellie Up pins - we both love Up and our wedding reception is actually going to be themed to the film so Josh surprised me with these which I thought was really cute. We actually don't have loads of Up pins but that might need to change!

Phantom Five pin - The Haunted Mansion is our favourite Disney attraction and we have a whole pin board dedicated to pins for the ride. We can't get enough of Haunted Mansion merch! I really like this one as a lot of Haunted Mansion pins tend to be blue so it's nice to get a different one.

Food and Wine 2018 pin - We attended the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot in 2018 but we couldn't get this pin because it was a passholder exclusive. Josh managed to find it and I'm really glad we've got it because Goofy is Josh's favourite character and it was our first time at Food and Wine in 2018 so it's nice to have it.

Grape Soda pin - another new release from Shop Disney they're bankrupting us! Again we had to have it though just because of what Up means to us and what it's going to represent this year.

The Haunted Mansion Chip and Dale pin - And finally another Haunted Mansion one for the collection for no other reason than it's quite and it fits perfectly with our collection.

So there we go that's all the pins we've bought since the start of the year. Shop Disney have released so many new ones this year and we can't say no. Dangerously we've also joined a U.K. pin selling group on Facebook which is where some of these have come from. 

Do you collect Disney pins? Which one of these is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

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