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Designing a blog logo doesn't have to be complicated or cost a lot of money. Some of the best and most effective headers just contain writing and no images and can provide a really clean look to your blog. So how can you create a beautiful blog logo for free?

How to design a blog header for free

I'm actually in the process of having my header redesigned and I'm lucky that my partner is a pretty talented artist who will be adding some images to my header with his graphics tablet but if I just had to create my own logo I'd definitely just go with a beautiful font to make it stand out. If you're just starting out your blog or you only blog for a hobby then the chances are you're not going to want to be throwing a lot of money at your blog and making your own logo is one way to cut back on costs. I had a go at designing my own blog logo using three different fonts and it took me no time at all. In fact the hardest part now is choosing which one I want to use for my new logo!

Where to find fonts

Finding free fonts is actually pretty easy to do. I used Font Bundles who have a fantastic range of free fonts in lots of different styles. I had a play around with quite a few of the designs then went back through the logo's to pick my three favourites. For the purpose of this post I've used my old image alongside the new fonts. Downloading the fonts was super easy, it was just a case of making a free account, downloading the file then installing the font! 

How to make a blog logo

The quickest and easiest way is just to use Microsoft products such as publisher. If you're only having text all you need to do is type out your blog name in your desired font and save it as an image then upload it to your blog. It really is that simple and you can have a clean, professional looking blog logo in 5 minutes.

My new logo

I wanted to design three logo with completely different fonts just to give you an idea of what you can expect with Font Bundles. I think these perfectly show that getting a font free doesn't mean you're compromising on design. I downloaded 6 fonts in total and whilst I did like them all, three of them just weren't the right fit for my blog once I'd seen them made into my logo.

The first font I used was 'Hey Betty' I really like the style of this one and I think it would work well with the images I have in mind for my new header. It's neat and easy to read but still a little different which I really like. I like that it's quite compact too as although I want my header to make a statement and get people interested in my blog I also don't want anything that's going to take up so much room that it distracts from my content.

The next font I used was 'Radicals'. Again what I loved about this one was that it was bold and really stood out but at the same time it's neat and compact. It fits in perfectly with my blog but feels a little less 'cutesy' than the first font.

The final font that I liked was 'Rain Love Script'. Now I really like this one and it's a great fit for my blog but because it's a calligraphy font it has a lot of elaborate swirls so it's not as compact as the other two fonts. You can see by comparing all three logos that this final one takes up more room.

I can't believe how easy it was to create a logo using the fonts from Font Bundles, even though I have used an image alongside the text, I'd be quite happy to have any of these as text only logos.

If you're looking to design a blog logo for free then I cannot recommend Font Bundles enough. They also have a free font of the week where you can get a font that you'd normally have to pay for completely free so I'd so it's definitely worth keeping an eye on that and grabbing the free font of the week when you can for any future projects! 

Would you have a go at designing your own blog header for free? Let me know in the comments.

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