Highlights of the decade

Wow so sitting down and writing about the past 10 years certainly feels weird. Especially as this little space has been around for most of that time too (9 years in April). I’m a little unsure of where to begin really, how do you put the last 10 years of your life down in a few words? My 2019 round up was huge and I want to try and avoid that here but I can’t enter a new decade without saying a few words.

10 years seems so much time yet so little as well. I was 18/19 in 2010 I’m 28 now. I’m the same yet so different. There’s been constants in my life yet so much has changed too. Here’s my attempt to pick out just a few good moments from the last decade.

The creation of this space 

This blog came about in 2011. It’s had 3 different names in that time but I think it’s current one is for keeps. For the longest time blogging was a hobby and it’s only over the last year that I’ve really had a vision of where I want to be with my blog and what I want it to become. I’m excited and nervous for 2020. It’s the year I really want to make this whole blogging thing work. I’ve recently invested a little bit of money back it my blog for the first ever time and I’ll be honest it scares me. But in this new decade I’m finally ready to take my blog to the next level. I’ll forever be grateful for this space, it was my focus and saviour when I was unemployed and now it’s my side hustle that allows me to treat myself, something I haven’t been able to do in years.

Being with Josh 

Josh and I have been together 12 whole years now which means we not only saw the end of the 2000s but we entered to 2010s together and now the 2020. This brand new decade also marks the year that we get married but is pretty damn exciting too! Who knows what the next 10 years holds for us.

University and graduation 

I started uni and the end of 2010. Whilst I can’t say my degree had served any purpose I don’t regret my time at university at all. It was a great opportunity that saw me being able to live in another city, have a home with Josh for 3 years and basically live a fun and easy life. I’ll never be able to live like that again and it was amazing. Also the fact I got a first for my dissertation and graduated with a 2:1 is a pretty big deal too.

Buying a home and creating a family 

In 2016 Josh and I bought our first home together, it’s the home we still live in now. It has its faults but I have so much love for this house because it’s ours. We also completed our family mere weeks after moving in together with the addition for two furry brothers. Having two cats has changed my life for the better. I don’t care what anyone says, pets are more than just that, they are my family. They make everything better and on the bad days, they help more than they’ll ever know.

Working for our dreams 

Obviously as you grow up dreams and goals change but Josh and I have always been pretty good and working towards things. Whether it was our dream Florida holiday, buying a house, becoming self employed (for Josh) or building up a side hustle (me). We’ve supported and helped each other through a lot over the last 10 years and I’m excited to see where that determination gets us in the future.

So that was a very condensed look at the past 10 years. There was so much more I could have wrote about but those were the moments that instantly came to me. I’m excited for the new decade and can’t wait to see what it brings.

What are your highlights of the past 10 years? Let me know in the comments.

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