5 things to do in January to have a great year

January is a great time for a fresh start. It's also a good time to get into some good habits that will set you up for the year. January can be a tough month but by creating good habits and routines now then you'll be helping yourself to have a fantastic 12 months. Here are 5 things you should do in January to make sure you have a great 2020.

How to have a great year

Create a cleaning routine

I get that cleaning can be boring and that when you're working, scrubbing, washing, hoovering and dusting is the last thing anyone wants to do but with January being a good time to declutter then you might as well get into the habit of a good cleaning routine too. Stick to a dedicated time to clean and tidy and make sure your sharing house chores with whoever you live with too. For example I clean and tidy upstairs and Josh does the same downstairs. Having a clean and tidy environment will help you feel calmer and more positive too.

Do the jobs you've been putting off

January is the best time to start tackling all the jobs you've been putting off. Smaller jobs such as clearing out your wardrobe or cleaning the carpets can be tackled this month. If you have bigger jobs though, make yourself a list in order of priority and tick them all this as you go. They may not get completed this month but do make a start on this list as the sense of achievement you get from ticking things off will encourage you to keep going. 

Analyse your finances

January is a great time to take a long hard look at your finances and put things in place to ensure you have a great financial year. I understand your accounts may not be looking in tip top shape right now after the expense of Christmas but thinking about how you could maybe start putting some money away for things like birthdays and Christmas will mean that this time next year your finances should look better after the big Christmas spend. You also want to look at any unhealthy spending habits you've got into and how to break them. Starting off a savings jar in January is a great way to make sure you're better prepared for things. I always try to have a separate pot of cash that I use for birthdays, Christmas and little treats for myself, that way I'm not dipping into my main account and I know I always have money on hand to pay for things.

Look at your utility providers

Following on from analysing your finance you also want to make a list of all the things you need to renew this year such as any insurance or utility contracts then when the time comes you can start shopping around to get the best deal. Knowing when your renewal dates are will mean you can give yourself time to use comparison sites and hopefully save some money instead of just continuing with your old contract (which will likely increase in price anyway) because you've left it until the last minute. Some things you may not be able to renew if you're in an 18 or 24 month contract as it will more than likely cost you to get out of the deal but for anything else that's ending this you year should definitely look at switching providers.

Plan trips

January can be a tough month but there's lots you can do to stay happy and positive and planning trips is one of them! Having things to look forward to will boost your mood. It doesn't have to be a big expensive holiday, a mini break, a night away or even a day adventure is just as much fun. Planning and spacing out a few trips throughout the year will mean you have lots to look forward to.

Are there any things you like to do in January to make sure you have a good year? Let me know in the comments.

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Things to do in January to have a great year

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