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With the recent cold weather (hands up, who has had snow?!) we're all using a little extra heating right now which is understandable because no one wants to spend the evening shivering in their own home. With cold weather though comes higher heating bills which is something no one wants. Woolfoot have come up with 10 ways to save money on your heating bill this winter which you can see below. I've selected a few of my favourite ideas too to show you how we use them to save money.

10 ways to save money on your heating bill

Invest in a new boiler

O.K. hear me out because I know boilers aren't cheap but an old boiler that doesn't work efficiently and keeps breaking down will end up costing you a fortune. Boiler parts and repairs don't come cheap and if the boiler isn't working efficiently you're already not getting what you should be getting for your money. One of the first things we did when we got the keys to our house was look into having the boiler replaced because we'd already been told that it had broken down lots in the last year. It was also quite an old, cheap boiler (it wasn't even a combi boiler!). No a new boiler wasn't cheap but at least we didn't have to deal with repairs and higher bills from one that wasn't working properly. Shop around and get a few quotes before committing to anything and check out Boiler Installation Leeds.

Layer up

I love being cosy so really I don't need an excuse to buy a few more pairs of fluffy pjs or another blanket. Before cranking up the heating though look at other ways of keeping warm. If you're just wearing a t-shirt you definitely shouldn't be turning up the heating! Fluffy socks, slippers, jumpers, pjs and blankets are all cheap and cosy ways of keeping warm. 

Draft proof your home

Another thing we noticed when we moved into our home was how drafty the windows are. Honestly, the windows could do with fixing properly as they aren't hung right but for a cheap solution we bought some sealant. It comes in a foam tape form that you just stick around your window and it blocks up any gaps. So now there's no cold air coming in and the warm air isn't escaping. It's such a cheap way of making sure your home stays warm.

Check out the other ways to save money on your heating bill below. How to you keep the cost of bills down in winter? Let me know in the comments.

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