Happy List: December 2019

Well here we, one last Happy List for 2019. December is always my favourite month, the month I spend so long looking forward to and I'm always disappointed when it ends. So lets talk a look at how the festive month went.

1. I started December with my annual Christmas day out with my Dad. It's a tradition we started a couple of years back. My Dad always keeps it a surprise where we're going and it's a day out I always love. This year we went to Harewood House and it was beautiful. Their event was called A Night at the Mansion and the concept behind it was so magical. It was the night before Christmas and the house comes to life, the chandeliers twinkle on their own, the painting discuss the goings on of the day and the statues are practising their singing. It was done so well. It was the absolute best way to start the month.

2. For the longest time we haven't really been in a position to treat ourselves so this Christmas when we finally were we decided we would actually spend a bit of money on ourselves and we decided to save whatever we bought for Christmas. It was a nice way to appreciate how different life is now to a year ago and it was nice to not have to think about the actual important things money normally goes on for once and just treat ourselves to things we wanted not needed. 

3. It wouldn't be a December Happy List without mentioning Christmas would it?! We had a really lovely Christmas. We always just have Christmas dinner together, no other family, and that is just the way we like it. We had a super fun, chilled out day and I wouldn't swap it for the hustle and bustle of a big day. We were lucky enough to receive some lovely presents. I've wrote a full post on what we got for Christmas so you should definitely give that a read. Also it was my last Christmas as a miss which of course was marked by a t-shirt stating just that!

4. December holds some important dates for us, our anniversary drops one week before Christmas and this year it was our 12th anniversary! It was also our last anniversary before we get married which after 12 years feels odd to say. December also marked one year of us being engaged and we finally got to see the video that was captured when Josh proposed. We actually made a vlog out of it so if you'd like to see our engagement then give the video a watch!

5. We managed to go on a festive mini break this December which is something we always used to do a few years ago but then work and money put a stop to it. It was so nice to have a break away before Christmas and this year we chose to go to London. We went to Winter Wonderland which we were really disappointed with but everything else we did there, we really enjoyed. I've wrote a full post about our festive break in London so to see what we got up to and why we didn't like Winter Wonderland, give it a read. I hope this trip marks the return of our festive mini breaks.

Well that was the last Happy List of 2019, I've genuinely got so much joy out of writing each of those posts this year. I can't wait to see how 2020's Happy Lists turn out.

How was December for you? Let me know in the comments.

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