December plans 2019

Just like the last few years I've decided to do a scaled back version of Blogmas, so there won't be a post everyday but there will be one most days hopefully! As has become the tradition for December I'm going to kick off the month with a roundup of what's to come!

Whilst Christmas stuff has definitely already kicked off around here and I’ve already had done quite a few festive things, there’s still lots to come throughout December. It’s become a bit of a tradition on here to write down all my December plans, mainly so I can look back at what we’ve done over the years. So here’s what’s planned for December 2019.

1. Even though this has already happened I’m still including it as it did happen in December, the very first day of December to be precise. My dad and I had our annual father, daughter festive day out. In previous years we’ve been to Chatsworth House and Castle Howard and my dad always likes to keep it a surprise where we’re going. This year we went to Harewood House. I’ll be doing a full blog post later in the week.

2. I’m super lucky in that I get 3 weeks off work for Christmas so my holidays begin on the 13th. I’m so ready for a break. It's really nice to have plenty of time off before Christmas so I can get everything done and properly get into the mood.

3. This December Josh and I will have been together for 12 years. We don’t actually have much planned for the day as Josh is out for the midnight screening of Star Wars and then we’ve got a trip the next day anyway. I’m sure we’ll do a little bit of something the day before maybe though.

4. Earlier in the year we went to London. Shortly after we decided to book another trip for Christmas time. We might be mad because I know it’ll be so busy but I’m really looking forwards to visiting Winter Wonderland and seeing all the decorations around the city!

5. My mum and I take turns hosting festive get-togethers over Christmas and they're always so fun. The first one is on my mum and we're staying over then we're off to do something festive the next day, although we haven't settled on what yet and the second one is on me. I've already stocked up on the party food!

So that's what December has in store for us. Of course there's also all the other stuff like Christmas shopping and decorating the tree. I'm so excited to get the house looking festive. I just love the whole of December anyway and the run up to Christmas is always so exciting.

What are your plans this December? Let me know in the comments.

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