Happy List: October 2019

October - my second favourite month of the year falling just behind December so I knew it wouldn’t be a disappointment. I can safely say my favourite time of the year is shaping up very nicely.

1. I’ve had a nagging doubt about my wedding shoes for a while, they are beautiful shoes but I just don’t think they’re the right fit for my dress so I went ahead and ordered some new ones. They arrived at the beginning of October and I couldn’t be happier with them. I just needed something with a little bit more height and these new ones are perfect. Plus they’re super glittery like my old ones which is what I wanted so I really think I’ve got my perfect wedding shoes now.

2. My dad and stepmum went to Disneyland Paris in the summer and we asked them to pick us a couple of things up whilst they were there. We finally managed to get them this month and two of the things we asked for were the bride and groom pens. We’re planning on putting these next to our guest book at our wedding reception
3. Towards the end of the month, Josh and I become an uncle and auntie again when our nephew was born. We already have two nieces who we love to bits but it’s nice that we now have a nephew too. It means I get to buy Disney clothes for a boy now as well!

4. We took a trip to York. It’s one of our favourite ever places and the first place we ever had a mini break together which is why we’ve decided so spend half of our mini honeymoon there next year. It was nice to just spend the day wondering around and then visit our favourite pub, The House of Trembling Madness.

5. By the time we’d reached the middle of October we couldn’t hold off getting the Halloween decorations out any longer so we got out the candle holders and pumpkin lights for around the TV. We held off a little longer on decorating our porch and carving pumpkins though.

6. One of the most exciting things to happen in October was getting a new tattoo. It’s been two years since I last had a tattoo and I’ve been desperate for a new one for a long time. There’s a local tattoo artist I discovered earlier in the year and her work is amazing so I knew I wanted my next tattoo done by her. When she posted some super cute Stitch Halloween designs I just couldn’t resist. You know how much I love Disney, Stitch is one of my favourite characters and Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year so it was meant to be. I couldn’t be happier with my tattoo and when it's fully healed I plan on writing a review of my experience because it was the best tattoo experience I’ve ever had!

7. I had a week off at the end of October which was very much needed it’s been a tough half term at work and I just needed some space away. I didn’t get up to much but it’s been so nice to relax and I even managed to get a bit of DIY done. I have a list of small jobs I want to complete around the house before Christmas so it was good to make a start on that!

I can't believe there's now only two Happy Lists left in 2019! That's crazy. We're really heading into the best time of the year now and I've been trying to get super organised with my content, I can't wait to see what November brings as we head toward the most wonderful time of the year!

How was October for you? Let me know in the comments.

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