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There's a lot that goes in to designing your own products, from thinking up initial ideas, actually creating the products then capturing eye catching photos that will get customers interested in buying your stuff. It can all take up a lot of time. But what if I told you there was a simple and budget friendly way to showcase your designs in wonderful styled shoots and that requires pretty much no effort from you? Well that's got your attention hasn't it?

If you have your own Etsy store, eBay or even if you're just showcasing your products on social media, getting the perfect photo that will see your products flying off the shelves is super important. If your product doesn't look instantly great potential customers will be put off. But I'm sure you'd rather focus on building up a good rapport with your customers and creating new and interesting products instead of creating styled photos for everything you make and sell. And that is where you need the help of a good mockup.

What are mockups?

Mockups allow you to place your designs within an already styled image. For example if your sell t-shirts then you might be interested in using a mockup like this:

Design Bundles offers a huge range of mockups for many different products which means finding a beautifully styled photo is super easy. Many of the mockups on offer are also free which is fantastic news for your business.

The best mockups on Design Bundles

There are hundreds of mockups to choose from on Design Bundles, some you do have to pay for but others are completely free. You just need an account to download the files. For the purpose of this post I'm going to focus on 5 fantastic, free mockups that would really get the attention of potential customers.

A4 art photography frame - if you're creating prints this is the perfect mock up. It's a clean and simple image that will really allow your prints to be shown off. This is a Photoshop file which gives you access to more features such as turning the shadow on or off or changing the frame between black and white. However if you don't have Photoshop then there is a JPG file that can be easily edited too.

Styled summer t-shirt - this simply styled clothing shot allows your t-shirts designs to stand out and grab peoples attention. This is only in JPG format but placing your design on to the t-shirt is simple and easy. This mockup can be seen in the above picture.

Christmas mug mockup - definitely one for the festive season here but I love how this photo has been styled. Not only does it make me feel super festive but the picture really highlights your product and would definitely make potential customers stop and look.

Tote bag mockup - with a simple marble background, your range of tote bags would be well and truly in the spotlight with this mockup.

Feminine desktop mockup - O.K. so this one isn't free but it is super budget friendly at only £3.87. I love this one because not only is at fantastically styled and look visually pleasing but it also has a lot of uses from adding text and quotes to post on social media to writing titles or quotes for blog posts. For such a budget friendly price there really are a lot of uses. This mockup can be seen at the top of this post.

So they were my top picks for mockups from Design Bundles. They're such a great option to save you time and make your products look the best they can. Let me know what you think to the mockups I've chosen in the comments.

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