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I've always wanted to make a gingerbread house, there's just something really cute and festive about the activity and to me, the smell of gingerbread just screams Christmas. When Biscuiteers got in touch and asked if I'd like to review one of their gingerbread house kits I jumped at the chance. So here's how I got on with building the house and what I thought about it.

The kit

The gingerbread house comes in a super cute tin which would make a lovely gift. Inside the tin is everything you'll need to make your house including icing sugar, decorations, a piping bag and of course the gingerbread. There's also a simple set of instructions to follow that make building the house really simple.

Making the house

I got Josh to join me for building the house as I thought it would be quite a fun activity to do together plus it seemed like it would be easier to do with two people. We had every intention of making our house look just as good as it did on the picture but we quickly discovered it's actually really hard to make it look that good! You decorate all the biscuits first with icing and the sprinkles, sugar balls and chocolate beans then you have to use the left over icing to assemble the house. The instructions recommended using a cake board to stick it to but we're not that fancy so we used a small chopping board which worked perfectly. You then have to set about sticking all the parts together, some bits do need holding in place while the icing dries but we found we didn't need to do that for long. It held together pretty quickly which was good as we're not very patient.

My thoughts

Our house did not look anything like the pictures but that's fine, we had a lot of fun making it and it was a really nice afternoon activity for us to do together. I can see how a gingerbread house would be a really cute centrepiece for a party but I don't think too many people would bother eating it, no one wants to break the house apart! I did feel like it was quite a lot of work to just break it up at the end to taste it. The gingerbread itself was absolutely delicious though, some of the best tasting gingerbread I've tried! If you're wanting a fun Christmas activity though I really would recommend giving a gingerbread house a go, Josh and I laughed so much doing it. 

If you want to buy the Biscuiteers gingerbread house or anything else from their beautiful Christmas range then make sure to check out their Christmas gifts.

We actually vlogged the entire house making process so if you want to see in more detail how we got on, give our vlog a watch!

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