A Christmas gift guide for new home owners - AD

Whether you're buying or renting, if you're going to be moving into your own home soon I highly recommend popping some home items on your Christmas list this year, trust me it'll be a big help with what will already be a pretty expensive time. Also if you're wanting to help someone out with some home pieces, here's where to start!

Mixing in some practical items and things that will make your new place feel more like a home is a good idea. Things like dinner sets, a toaster, a kettle and cutlery are all good things to get you started and if your buying for someone else, these basics will always be appreciated just go for something that looks nice too. I love the dinner set here, it's simple but the two tone works well and it's such a good price for all the items you'll need to get started. The toaster and kettle are really good too, trust me those things can get expensive but these ones are really well priced and the matte black and copper look so good together. While bedding is a basic essential if you're buying it as a gift or popping it on your Christmas list go for something a little nicer with some brushed cotton bedding. It's super cosy and just feels a little more luxury than your standard bedding making it a good choice for a gift or for adding to your wish list as a treat.

A few accessories are always good to add to your list or to consider buying as gifts as they make a house feel more homely. UK Bathrooms are often forgotten about when you get a new place as they're not really a priority room (believe me, ours hasn't been touched since we move in at it's killing me!) so a few accesories to brighten up a bathroom would be a good choice just to make it feel more like you're own. Bathroom mirrors are a good choice as they are pretty essential and brighten up a room and make it appear bigger. This mirror is simple but elegant and would add a nice touch to any bathroom. 

Cushions and throws are another good choice for accesories to make a room feel really homely. Thing big and cosy and you can't go wrong. The pom poms on this cushion add a bit of twist and the knitted throw looks super snuggly.

When Josh and I knew we'd be seriously looking into buying our first home we asked for either money to put towards home stuff or some home items to get us started. Yes I felt like a proper adult asking for plates and bedding for Christmas but it was also really exciting to make a start on getting stuff for our first home. So if you know someone who will be moving into their first home soon or you are moving soon and are looking to put some home items on your Christmas list, I hope this gift guide provided a little bit of inspiration. 

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