My Halloween home decor

We love Halloween, cosy nights with candles and horror films. It's basically our dream! We've also tried to do a little bit of something for Halloween but since having our own home we've really got into the Halloween spirit and we've now got a good collection of decorations that we put out each year.

We've always carved a pumpkin or two for Halloween but I love that we have more decorations now. I mean if it was more acceptable here I'd go all out with the decorations like they do in America, but sadly we're not at that stage in the U.K just yet! So for now we've kept our decorations to the inside of our house. We picked up most of this stuff for fairly cheap. The Mickey candle holder and the Halloween pineapple were by far the most expensive items. 

So here's how we decorate for Halloween.


Last year we put a pumpkin outside and this is something we're definitely going to continue to do. Our house is tucked away so by having the pumpkins outside it makes us a little more noticeable for tricks or treaters. This year we've got a puking pumpkin as they always look really effective and just a standard Jack-o-Lantern with glow in the dark teeth outside and inside Josh had a go at making Pickle (or pumpkin!) Rick from Rick and Morty.

Fairy Lights

The pumpkin fairy lights go around our TV and are perfect for when we're watching a scary movie, we picked them up from Home Bargains last year. We also have some sugar skull lights around our porch window that change colour and they look amazing, we picked those up from The Range.


The Halloween pineapple has attracted a little bit of attention since we bought him and we think he's great. He also has a battery powered light inside and looks so good on a night. The pineapple was £15 from TK Maxx and we bought it last year but we have seen it back in store this year too. He goes in our porch window.

Candle holders

We went a little crazy on candle holders as we found so many good ones last year, it was hard to resist. The Mickey one made it all the way back from Florida with us in August last year and he was definitely the start of the Halloween obsession, the little pumpkin was from The Range and was only £1 and the remaining three candle holder were from Poundland they go at the sides of our TV and again look great on a night.

Do you decorate for Halloween? Let me know in the comments.

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