Liverpool Cat Cafe review

I’ve wanted to go to a cat cafe for the longest time. As a self confessed cat lady I can’t think of any better place to spend my time. When we were in Liverpool earlier in the year we stumbled across Cat Cafe and couldn’t resist going in. Here’s how we found our first experience of a cat cafe.

On arrival

Upon entering the cafe there’s an area where you check in and pay. Your given a quick run down of what to do (common sense stuff really, remember you are dealing with animal in their own territory. Don’t chase them, let them come to you and don’t disturb them if they’re sleeping or wanting their own space). You pay on the way out of the cafe and it’s priced at £12 per hour. You’re also asked to use the hand sanitizer stations before entering the cafe. After that you go through another set of door and you’re in the cafe. The door system is designed so none of the cats can escape so don’t worry about entering and leaving the cafe. You can book in advance but they always save 50% of their capacity for walk-in customers. If you're visiting during the week I'd say you wouldn't have any problem getting in but if you're visiting at the weekend I'd probably book in advance. 

Inside the cafe

There’s an upstairs and downstairs to the cafe. When we visited we stayed downstairs but we do plan on visiting again and this time I’ll check out the upstairs too as I’m sure I missed out on lots of cats! There’s plenty of space and lots of posts, beds and hiding places for the cats as well as food dispensers and water fountains everywhere for the cats to access. There’s a small area at the back of the cafe where you can order drinks and cakes but there isn't any other food available. A lot of the cats will wander round and come up to you and there’ll be others chilled out on the many bed and posts available. I did have a wander around to interact with a lot of the cats which is completely fine to do, just remember to be calm and gentle and respect their space. Also the cats are free to go where they want, that means they might sit on chairs next to you or even climb on the tables. 

Are the cats happy?

The cats are so relaxed and chilled out. They look very healthy and are quite happy to come for a fuss. You can tell the staff in the cafe love the cats too. There’s plenty of hiding places for the cats to go if they’ve had enough as well as plenty places for them to relax. The water fountains and food dispensers mean they have constant access to food and water when they need them. Visitors are limited and children under 10 are not allowed in the cafe all which help maintain a calm environment for the cats. The cats in this particular cat cafe are all pedigree cats and Cat Cafe (both in Liverpool and Manchester) claim that they are better suited to a cafe environment which personally I don't think is 100% true and it would be nice to see some standard moggy's been able to experience the cat cafe lifestyle as I believe they are just as well suited but none-the-less the cats at this cafe are very beautiful and I definitely wouldn't want to return if I didn't think they were leading happy lives.

I loved our visit to Cat Cafe and would definitely return. We’re off to Liverpool on a mini honeymoon next year after the wedding and the Cat Cafe is already on my list of places to go. I'd only recommend going to a cat cafe if you're a serious cat lover as you're more likely to enjoy the experience and give the animals the respect they need, also I'm aware having animals around you on tables and chairs isn't for everyone so make sure you're 100% comfortable with that happening before visiting.

Have you been to a cat cafe? Would you like to visit one? Let me know in the comments!

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