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Sometimes tired rooms can be updated with just one simple thing. Rather than tackling a whole host of DIY projects, you should turn your attentions to one thing that could make a lot of diffrence - the flooring.

When we first moved into our house every room apart from the upstairs bathroom had a beige carpet in it. The very first thing we did was to replace the carpet with wooden flooring in the living room and master bedroom and just by doing that we could already feel a difference in the rooms. More recently we've been slowly renovating our kitchen and the biggest thing we've done so far is to change the flooring and our kitchen feels like a brand new room just from doing that! By just changing your flooring it can have a huge impact on how a room feels.

Bring in the light

Natural light is great for improving the feel of a room. By opting for lighter colours in whatever type of flooring you select you are ensuring that any natural light your home does get is being reflected around the room instead of being absorbed by dark colours. Obviously lighter colours are harder to keep clean but I'll get on to that later! Lighter rooms generally feel more spacious, cleaner and airy and give you an altogether happier feeling room. I can safely say from experience that just changing your flooring from a dark colour to a light colour works wonders! We went from a black kitchen floor to a very pale grey and were shocked by much the difference in the look and feel of the room before we'd even done anything else.

Select the right type of flooring

Different types of flooring bring different feelings to rooms. If you have a busy family home, have pets or get a lot of visitors then your best bet is engineered wood flooring as it's hard wearing and moisture resistant. It can also be used in any room apart from bathrooms which is great for keeping a nice flow and continuity going throughout each room. Engineered wood flooring is also super easy to install and budget friendly so if you're looking for a quick and cheap way to transform a room, that's your answer. 

Carpets are good for making a room feel warmer and absorbing sounds so this might be a good option for creating a cosy feel but they are overall harder to keep clean the wooden floors, if you're wanting the best of both worlds then add a rug to your wooden floor. 

Tiled flooring is a great option for kitchen and bathrooms as they won't absorb water, they're easy to keep clean and they add a nice finish to the room. Just keep in mind they can get a little cool underfoot!

Maintaining your new floors

Maintaining what ever type of flooring you put down is key to not letting rooms become tired looking again. You want to keep your new flooring looking clean and new for as long as you can. Engineered wood flooring is really easy to keep clean as it can be swept, vacuumed and mopped and it'll still look great. It's the perfect choice for homes with pets where fur would be a problem and for homes with children or frequent guests as it's so easy to keep clean from the accidental spills and muddy footprints. So if you're taking the first point on board and going to a lighter coloured flooring engineered wood flooring is a great choice as it's so easy to maintain and cleaning meaning lighter colours won't be an issue.

Carpets require a bit more hard work to keep them looking clean and fresh, things like pet hairs aren't as easy to clean up and spillages will need treating with caution so they don't stain your carpet. 

If you're looking to brighten up a tired room try some new flooring and see what a difference it can make!

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