Happy List: September 2019

Long time visitors over here will know how much love I have for the 'ber' months and the first one of the year did not disappoint! September has been great and I'm just feeling so happy and grateful for how different and positive each of these monthly round-ups have been in contrast to last year.

1. Josh and his dad tackled a new little project at the start of the month and built some wooden shelves from scratch for our spare room. As you may know we have a rather large Funko Pop collection and they desperately needed a new home. It's a really cool feature and has helped to tidy up the room too. We've actually narrowed down our collection slightly since the photo was taken and we're taking around 30 Pops to a carboot sale at the weekend to make way for some more exclusive Pops!

2. Speaking of exclusive Pops, I've wanted the Disney Parks exclusive Figment Funko Pop since he was released. My dad tried to get him for me as he was in Florida when it was released but he sold out super quick. Thanks to some lovely friends though, I now have him in my collection and I couldn't be happier.

3. Those same friends also sent us two amazing parcels after their trip to Disney World, we actually asked them to pick us up a couple of things while they were there but they surprised us with some extra goodies too!

4. We added a few new autumn candles to our collection including this caramel apple cake one that only cost £1.99 from Home Bargains. I'm super impressed with it because it actually has a really strong scent throw and burns evenly without tunneling which for such a cheap candle is amazing!

5. I had plenty of blog work in September and I'm still in disbelief that a hobby I started 8 years ago now earns me a little bit of extra money each month. I'm being pretty sensible and putting most of my extra earnings away for Christmas presents so I can treat people but I have bought myself a couple of things this month to celebrate my success including a beautiful autumn coat and my first ever pair of decent boots that should last me for few years to come!

It's been very full on work wise this month with both my actual job then having to come and and basically start a whole new job with my blog but I wouldn't change a thing. Yes it's exhausting at times but I owe a lot to this blog  and I'm forever grateful that it's allowing me to treat the people I love and occasionally myself! We're in the last three months of the year now and they truly are my favourites, I'm so excited to see what's ahead and how the final three months turn out.

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