Discovery Cove Orlando: 2018 photos #2

We took a lot of beautiful photos on our 2018 Florida holiday that are just sat on the computer so I thought I'd share them with you so they can be seen in all their glory and appreciated by everyone! There are a lot of photos so there's going to be a fair few posts like this, I'm going to aim to do one a week until I'm out of photos to share! I'll be doing one park at a time and today I'm on the second part of Discovery Cove. Hope you enjoy this series.

It was our first time at Discovery Cove but after hearing so many good things about it we knew we had to book tickets. It looked like our perfect day and it turned out to be exactly that. We booked our day with a dolphin swim though you can't take photos or anything when you're doing that experience but it was everything I'd ever imagined it would be and more. Discovery Cove limit the number of people allowed in which gives guests a more intimate and relaxing experience. We spent the entire day there from opening to closing and I was so relaxed by the end of it. It's completely different to your typical Orlando park experience and I would recommend it to anyone!

There's so much to see and do at Discovery Cove but unlike other parks in the area it doesn't feel rushed, the fact the Discovery Cove cap the number of visitors at quite a low number also means you can just do things at your own pace as you aren't jostling among a large crowd to see and do things. We visited on a Saturday which you would expect any other park to be quite crowded then but there literally was a handful of people on loungers on the beach and the rest of the space was free! We were so shocked!

I think a trip to Discovery Cove will now be a staple on our Florida holidays, it's not the cheapest experience going (but then again nothing in Florida is) especially if you are adding on a dolphin swim but it's an experience I can definitely recommend. If you're doing Florida as a couple then it's the perfect treat to just take some time out and relax and enjoy being with each other.

I hope you enjoyed my photo diary of Discovery Cove, if you missed it then don't forget to catch up on the first part. I have posts coming up from all 6 Disney World parks as well as Universal Resort's 3 parks, Disney Springs and Discovery Cove. We vlogged our whole Florida 2018 holiday so I highly recommend checking those videos out too.

Have you been to Discovery Cove? What did you think to it? Let me know in the comments!

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