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Owning a cat is so rewarding, but it’s also a big responsibility. A lot of people decide to get cats because they’re easier to look after than dogs and they’re more independent, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a big responsibility still. Before you get a cat, you need to think about it properly and decide on a few important things. These are the big decisions you need to make before getting a cat. 

Indoor Or Outdoor 

One of the biggest decisions that you need to make is whether your cat will be an indoor cat or an outdoor cat. If you are considering an indoor cat, there are some important things that you need to think about first. The benefit of an indoor cat is that they are safer, and they will always be around, which is ideal for people that are at home on their own and take comfort from having a pet around. However, they will need a lot more care and attention and they will not be as independent as outdoor cats. 

If you are not around as much and the cat will be left alone a lot of the time, it may be better to have an outdoor cat. You will need to install cat flaps so they can get in and out when they need to, and it’s important to think about the local area and make sure that you are not too close to a main road. Outdoor cats are happy to do their own thing, so you don’t need to worry about them as much, which suits people that have a busy lifestyle. 

Finding A Vet 

Another important decision that you need to make is where you are going to take your cat to the vet. They will need annual vaccinations and regular flea and worm treatments, so you need a reliable vet on hand. Outdoor cats are more prone to illness because they can pick things up from other cats, get sick from eating dangerous plants, and potentially get injured from fighting with other cats. Indoor cats are generally healthier, but they will still need to visit the vet from time to time. You can’t take any chances when it comes to your cat’s health, so you need to make sure that you find a good local vet. 

Choosing Food 

Most people don’t think that choosing food for their cat will be much of a problem, but you’d be surprised. A lot of the cat food that you find in the supermarket is packed full of rubbish and it isn’t great for your cat, so it’s important that you take the time to find the right food for them. Always check the ingredients and try to look for food that only has 3 or 4 ingredients, and the main ingredient should always be meat. If it has a lot of additives and only a very low meat content, that’s not great for your cat.

It’s important that you think carefully about these things when you first buy a cat, so you can make sure that it is happy and healthy.

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